10 Biggest Dog Training Myths Busted!

There is conflicting information about dog training on the internet these days.

It has become more and more difficult to determine which ones are true from the ones that don't have any factual basis.

As dog owners, we love reading about interesting and FUN facts regarding our favorite pooches.

However, it can sometimes get VERY overwhelming finding CREDIBLE sources online.

There are a lot of misconceptions circling around these myths.

So today, I want to talk to you about THE biggest dog training MYTHS...to set the record straight...once and for all.

Let's take a look at the MOST common training questions, which will hopefully provide you some clarity.

Myth #1: Will training my dog take up a lot of my time?

This myth is completely UNTRUE and hypothetical. When you begin training your dog at an early age, it will be a breeze making him responsive to your commands in his adult life.

Dog training is simple...

  • It DOESN'T require endless amounts of time or too much effort on the owner's part.

  • It is NOT necessary to spend long hours doing obedience classes or walking around in circles.

  • These methods are no longer applicable to the modern techniques of dog training.

  • These were only used in the past and are now considered old school.

  • Most dogs will find it unnecessary and pointless to do this type of training.

  • Dogs are simple animals who only need about an hour's exercise a day.

Myth #2: Can only one dog be the pack leader at home?

Dogs are amazing in respecting their human owners. When you TRAIN them to see you as the pack leader, they'll be able to retain that information for the rest of their lives.

  • It's important to ensure that your dog respects every single person in the house, INCLUDING visitors they're not too familiar with.
  • Your dog should be able to listen to commands and follow them no matter who is saying the command.
  • It is NOT true that your dog can only have one master.
  • Dogs have the ability to determine if you know what you're doing.
  • They will FOLLOW commands given by a person who is CALM, GENTLE and FIRM.

Myth #3: Is attending a puppy school really important?

Although puppy schools are a great way to enhance your dog's social and intellectual abilities, it's not as great as it may sound.

  • In fact, there are a lot of puppy schools that are NOT a very good investment.

  • A lot of owners rush their new puppies to attend school, when all they ever do is sit around with other puppies.

  • For an hour once a week, your puppy will learn very little.

  • After graduating from a 4 week puppy class, many owners assume that their dog has learned important commands.

  • The reality is that they are only taught BASIC commands which you could've done yourself.

Myth #4: Is quality dog training expensive?

One of the BEST dog and puppy training packages available online is VERY affordable.

  • UNFORTUNATELY, most people spend a fortune on very BAD training advice simply because they don’t know where to go to for great dog training.

  • Many dog owners have spent thousands on obedience classes, puppy school, agility classes and they still have training issues.

  • The reason being is that they have not come across any QUALITY dog training online.

Myth #5: Can I train my dog using only positive reinforcement?

Positive reinforcement is a WONDERFUL way of letting your dog know that he's done a great job. However, it is not the complete solution.

  • In order to stop unwanted behavior, you MUST be able to control your dog by stepping in quickly.
  • This means reacting right after he has done something wrong so that he UNDERSTANDS that it's related to his misbehavior.
  • The other thing that is crucial when training your dog is HOW to gain their respect in a loving and gentle way.
  • In many ways it's LIKE training your child, you praise for the good however you need to step in quickly to stop the bad behavior.
  • If you CONSTANTLY reward your dog with treats and praises, it may cause more problems in the future.

Myth #6: Can I use food treats for training?

The most POWERFUL training tool you can use to effectively make your dog obedient to your commands is to give him treats.

  • Keep in mind that this needs to be done at the RIGHT TIME, in the RIGHT WAY and only in appropriate situations.

  • Doggy Dan is very helpful in understanding how to use food treats and when to use them. He has more than 250 videos available on his website.

Myth #7: Can I teach my old dog new tricks?

Dogs have the ability to CHANGE their behavior no matter what age. It's always easier to train your dog as early as possible.

  • HOWEVER, many older dogs are only waiting for their owners to teach them new tricks.

  • Your dog would want you to allow him to retire early so he could switch off and relax.

  • Try your best to communicate what you're feeling so that your dog could behave the way you want him to.

Myth #8: Is hard work and practice all I need for training?

There is a RIGHT and WRONG way to train your dog. No matter how often you PRACTICE a trick with him, if you're doing it the WRONG way he will never get it right.

  • Dog training doesn't need you to spend LONG hours every day.

  • Dogs are actually extremely SMART animals who will respond to your correctly if they see you as a pack leader.

  • The greatest dog trainers have learnt to work SMART, not hard.

Myth #9: Are little dogs easier to train than big dogs?

Size doesn't DETERMINE if the dog will be easy or difficult to train.

  • There are plenty of big dogs who are just as easy going as their smaller counterparts.

  • On the other hand, plenty of little dogs are incredibly difficult to train.

  • Similar to human beings, you cannot ASSUME a person's behavior and personality based on their size.

Myth #10: Are dogs who cause trouble stupid?

This myth is completely UNTRUE. In fact, those dogs who always get themselves in trouble are actually the SMARTEST dogs.

  • Because they are VERY intelligent and determined, they don't easily give up.

  • As an owner, you often feel frustrated because you think that they're NOT listening to you. However, as owners we NEED to understand our dog's intellectual abilities.

  • Most of the time, they are much smarter than what you initially thought.

  • This is where we need to improve our game and learn more about the behavior of our beloved pooches!

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