10 Fun Activities To Do Outside With Your Dog

Having a dog is an amazing experience. Just like you, pups love to get out in the fresh air and enjoy all Mother Nature has to offer.

They love riding in the car and exploring with their family. 

If you want to keep your pooch active, here are ten things that you can do with them in the great outdoors. 

Two Dogs Playing At The Beach

1. Hit The Beach

Regardless of where you live, there is bound to be some sort of water nearby. Taking your pets to the ocean or a lake can be a great way to have fun. Many beaches are dog-friendly, and you can let them play in the surf.

Your pal will enjoy the water, lounging on the sand, and just spending time with you. Plus, it’s a great way to get much-needed exercise.

Young Dog With Pink Frisbee

2. Play Ball or Frisbee

Younger pups have a great deal of energy they need to burn. If you want your dog to have good skills, then teach them to fetch or play Frisbee. 

Playing ball works almost every muscle in their body, and it helps burn off some calories too. Another advantage is that it can help you stay in shape.

3. Visit A Pet Friendly Patio Restaurant

Not all areas of the country have pet-friendly dining options, but they are becoming more popular. Some outside patio areas have designated spots for pups to enjoy a meal with their family. Pet enthusiasts can’t imagine why they didn’t think of this sooner.

There is nothing wrong with sharing a bite of steak or two and allowing them to join the family on a night out. Since most dogs are always close to the table when you’re eating, it will seem very natural to go out and dine.

Woman And Her Dog Going For A Drive

4. Go For a Drive

There’s something about the wind blowing in your hair that just feels magical. Dogs feel the same way. How many times have you driven down the road and felt the wind in your hair, and it seemed to make everything alright?

Dogs love nothing more than putting their head out the window and feeling the cool breeze. After a few trips, a dog will get excited just at the mention of a car ride.

It can be a great bonding experience to have your best friend in the front seat and some tunes on the radio.

5. Have a Barbecue

If you want to make your dog’s day, then fire up the barbecue, and grill some sizzling cuts of meat. They won’t be able to resist the wafting smells coming from chicken, pork or steaks. Of course, you can share these items with them. Why not grill some vegetables too?

Make sure to go over the list of what food items are healthy for dogs, and you can include them the next time you grill out. It will be difficult to keep them away from all those juicy burgers and other fixings.

Woman And Here Dog On A Kayak

6. Go Kayaking

Dogs were made for the water. Kayaking with you dog is a great way to experience being on the water and having complete control of your journey. You can slip into an alcove and relax, or you can bask in the sun's golden rays.

Your fur baby may love taking a swim, helping you catch some fish, or just lounging around watching the cares of life fade away. Though they may not be much help paddling, they are the best when it comes to companionship.

7. Hit The Camping Trail

A camping trip is a perfect time to pack the whole family in the car and head someplace remote. Your dog will enjoy getting to sleep under the stars with their favorite people.

Whether you are fishing, grilling, or hiking, a campground brings together all the best elements for a good time. As an added benefit, if it gets too cold, a fuzzy pup can be great to snuggle up with for warmth.

Woman With Dog At The Drive-In

8. Watch a Drive-In Flick

If you’re lucky enough to have a drive-in theater close to you, then you should take along the dog to watch the show. Sure, they won’t be able to follow the plot and tell you about the movie, but getting to snuggle with you will be all they need.

Drive-in theaters are making a huge comeback in the United States. People love the nostalgia of it all. Get out, spread a blanket, and watch a great flick under the skyline. It may be the stress relief you need.

9. Go To a Dog Park

Dog parks, especially those that are off-leash, allow a dog to run and play. Making sure your pet gets proper exercise is vital to their health. Turn them loose and let them mingle with other dogs.

Did you know that socializing your pet can reduce many undesirable behaviors? Things, like barking excessively at the sight of a stranger, or biting people that come to your home, can be avoided with proper socialization.

Visiting a dog park is the same feeling for them as when you go to an amusement park.

Canine Sitting In Bike Trailer Ready For A Ride

10. Hitch Up a Tow For Bike Riding

Riding a bike is fun. Thanks to the new contraptions that allow you to have a pup in the back, you can bring Fido along for the journey.

Biking can be fun on vacation or around your neighborhood, especially when you have a pet stroller. Just make sure your dog has something to drink and shade for the ride.

Final Thoughts

You may already do some of these things with your dog, but there are some here you have yet to try. Anything you do that enhances your relationship is a win-win for you and your friend. Dogs are truly one of the best companions that you could ever have.

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