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Shiba Inu Dog Breed Info: The Independent, Feisty Dog!

The Shiba Inu Dog has become an internet phenomena. It’s cute, “fox-like” expression has captured the hearts and minds of thousands of people around the world. You’ll now find Shiba Inu dogs with hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram. But it’s not just memes and Instagram fame, there’s so much more to this breed. Let’s dive […]

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Are You Feeding Your Dog The Highest Quality Dry Dog Food?

If you believe that your dog deserves only the best nutrition that it craves, then you should really start giving her the highest quality dry dog food. I really have to emphasize ‘highest-quality’ here since there are plenty of products that are of mediocre quality. By getting ONLY high quality dry dog food, you are ensuring […]

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5 Basic Tips to Teach Your Dog Discipline

Having a disciplined dog is not the same as having a well balanced dog. However, if your dog knows basic discipline, it can be useful when handling behavior issues – existing or bad behavior that may develop later on. Where do you begin to teach your dog discipline? Well, for this, you have a few options; […]

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