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Interesting Pet Food Trends to Discuss With Your Vet

The pet industry is experiencing rapid growth these days. According to the American Pet Product Association (APPA), approximately 85 million households own a pet. Further, APPA states pet ownership has gone up 68% over the last 30 years. Gen Z and Millennial consumers are embracing a pet-owning and pet-loving lifestyle when compared to the older generation.  […]

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Your Guide to Grooming Your Dog at Home

Along with a healthy diet, heaps of exercise, plenty of love, and regular vet visits, regular grooming is also an essential part of being a responsible dog parent. Grooming your pet is more than the occasional brush or a run through the hose-sprinkler during the summer months. You’ll need to get familiar with the correct techniques […]

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19 Tips for First-Time Dog Owners

Congratulations on welcoming a dog into your home and family. You’re embarking upon an exciting adventure. To ensure your success, let’s dig right into our top 19 tips for first-time dog owners. Table of Contents 1. Puppy Proof Your Home2. Respect Your Pet’s Doghood3. Do Your Research4. Understand Chewing Behavior5. Find a Vet Before You […]

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