Does My Dog Need a Bed? (5 Benefits of Dog Beds)

If you think about it, beds are probably one of the most important pieces of furniture in our lives. Imagine if we slept on the floor. It would definitely be much harder to get a quality sleep and rest for our body.

On the other hand, dogs are used to sleeping on the floor, it’s in their nature. Nonetheless, they still try to find the most comfortable spot available.

As a responsible dog parent you should already be familiar with the benefits of dog beds, but if you are still not exactly sure, we’ll point out 5 of the most important ones. So, keep reading.

Five Benefits of Dog Beds

1. It’s Good for Your Dogs Health

A hard floor is definitely uncomfortable to sleep on. Despite that, dogs usually try to find the best position when sleeping on a mat or a floor. That may lead to postural health problems in the long run.

Sleeping on the floor can be restless and inconsistent leading to more problems due to the lack of sleep.

For overweight dogs and the ones with weak joints, sleeping on a cushion-less surface can cause extra discomfort.

Therefore, it’s recommended to get an appropriate dog bed, or in this particular case, an orthopedic bed to help improve your dog’s well being.

2. Provides Good Insulation for Your Dog

Just like we do, our dogs also require care and maintenance to be comfortable. Your dog may be exposed to unsuitable temperatures when sleeping on the floor, especially during the winter periods.

Constantly sleeping on a cold floor can be harmful to his health since dogs don’t react well to temperature variations.

Dog beds provide your pet with an isolated sleeping place and well-balanced temperature for the whole year. Dogs love to curl up in their comfy bed, much like we do in ours.

That’s why it’s important to have a dog bed and not worry about the seasonal periods or temperature changes. For that matter, there are also temperature-controlling beds out there.

These beds can be electrically heated to create the right temperature for your dog. In hotter regions, cooling beds are a great option if you have means for it.

3. Your Dog Needs Privacy Too

Dogs usually sleep 12 hours (18 hours for puppies) a day and they need their own private space where they can be safe and comfortable. The spot should be close by and easily accessible to them.

Dog beds are an ideal solution for this.

Your dog will quickly adapt to his new favorite sleeping spot and will go there to curl up and rest whenever he sees the opportunity.

You can even get multiple beds if you own a house with multiple floors, so he can have his favorite spot on each floor.

4. Dog Beds Preserve Your Furniture

A good reason to get a dog bed is to make your furniture last longer. Even though your little friends are adorable and lovely, they still sometimes shed their fur on your furnishings, scratch your sofas and chew on the corners. 

Some dogs tend to drool during their sleep. This gives you more than enough reasons to get a dog bed and save your home furnishings from being damaged and ruined.

In addition to this, it’s not really hygienic to let your dog sleep on the furniture or an old blanket. Dogs carry a lot of dirt and bacteria on their paws and leave some of that on the places where they sleep.

That’s why dog beds are a more hygienic option, provided that they are washed regularly.

Most of the beds these days can be washed in a machine, so you won’t have to worry about hand-washing them.

5. Dog Beds Provide Cushioning & Prevent Injury

Older and larger dogs generally have more demands and require special care. That’s why it’s particularly important for them to have a soft place to lie on.

Some beds are specifically designed for those dogs who need to take extra care for their joints. 

Dog beds are essential for overweight dogs because as they age, their bone structure becomes more fragile and their body applies too much pressure on their skeleton.

In cases like this, a simple blanket or an old cushion won’t do the trick – a cozy dog bed is a must. 

As for the small dogs, they can spend years jumping onto sofas and it might lead to hip or joint injuries.

Final Thoughts

Beds play an important role in your pet’s health and happiness. Getting a dog bed for your four-legged pal is definitely a trait of a responsible owner. 

Having in mind these benefits of dog beds, you will probably have an easier choice deciding whether or not to get one of these.

Do the research and see which ones are available and which one suits the body type of your dog. 

Your furry friend will be thankful.


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