5 Essential Stress-Busting Dog Bathing Tips

Dog ownership is a beautiful way to reduce stress. But, if you’ve ever tried to bathe your dog, this can be more stressful than anything!

Many dogs don’t enjoy baths and find the process terrifying. Although this can be tough as a dog owner, there’s good news— there are a few things you can to reduce stress for both you and your dog during bath time.

If you’re ready to improve bath time, keep reading for our top dog bathing tips.

1. Have Shampoo and Towels Ready

Being prepared in advance is key when it’s time to wash your dog. Once your dog is in the water, you’re not likely to have a free hand to grab what you need! Have the shampoo ready and a few towels to wrap your dog in after.

Bathing your dog can be easier if you have someone to help you, but if not, preparedness is your friend.

You’ll need dog shampoo, as human shampoo is too harsh for your dog’s skin. Dogs have sensitive skin, and human soaps can leave them with irritated or sore skin.

If your dog seems to have very itchy or sensitive skin, talk to your vet about medicated shampoos.

2. Use Lukewarm Water

While we enjoy hot, steamy showers, hot water can easily burn your dog’s skin. Use lukewarm water so your dog doesn’t get too cold, but also isn’t at risk of burns.

If you have a bathtub, this generally works better as a dog bath than a shower. You might also want a ladle or bucket to help rinse off your dog.

Wondering how often to bathe dog? It varies depending on your dog’s coat, but as a general rule, once per month is sufficient.

Hand protecting dogs ears during bath

3. Protect Your Dog’s Ears

When giving your dog a bath, make an effort to keep their ears dry. If dogs get water in their ears, it can be very painful for them.

You can try to gently put cotton balls in your dog’s ears, but this can be tricky with a wiggly and excited pup!

4. Put a Non-Slip Mat Down

Before you get started, put a non-slip mat down on the ground. Your dog is likely to be very excited after the bath, and you don’t want them slipping and injuring themselves.

5. Reward and Praise Your Dog

For some dogs, a bath can be very scary! Talk to your dog in a calm, reassuring voice, and try to let them know it’s ok.

If you can distract your dog with a chew toy or treat during the bath, this can also help. Or, make sure to give your dog a reward after the bath for being a good boy!

Over time, they may start to associate a bath with treats, which can make the process less intimidating for them.

Make Washing Easier With These Dog Bathing Tips

Are you ready to tackle bath time? With these dog bathing tips, it should now be much easier to keep your dog clean.

Over time, it will get easier! Regular bathing keeps your dog clean and healthy, so it’s an essential part of pet ownership.

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