Dogs in Public Places: 5 Reasons Your Pet Should Be on a Leash

We all love our dogs and want to go everywhere with them. They are man’s best friend after all! However, you can’t just let them roam free when out in public. When you take them out for walks, it is crucial to have them on a leash.

Below we have 5 reasons why you should do it:

Dog Biting Person

#1. It Can Cause Injuries to People

Walking with dogs is a favorite hobby to many. But, without putting your dog on a leash, it may unintentionally injure or bite someone.

Also, some people are allergic to dogs. If yours doesn’t have a leash, it may approach one of them and trigger an allergic reaction.

You are liable for any injury that your pet causes and someone may sue you. It will, in turn, be an expensive and tedious process to resolve it.

In some cases, a court may even recommend that your dog gets put to sleep. Putting your dog on a leash avoids many of these problems. When you have a good dog leash, you have control over its actions.

dog on leash

#2. It Keeps the Dog Safe

During your walks in public, putting your dog on a leash can prevent injuries. When you let it roam freely, it may eat contaminated food or water.

Also, it may get hit by cars or bikes and other times go into a bush and get bruised by thorns and shrubs. Having your dogs on leash will save you costly trips to the vet.

You may think your dog's training is good enough for it to take care of itself. However, you have no control over the environment it roams in; accidents do happen. Once you have a leash, you will know how to stop a dog before it gets hurt.

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#3. It Gives Other Owners a Bad Name

Some people want dogs to get banned from public places. If you don’t have yours on a leash and it misbehaves, it gives them the proof they need to argue their case. They believe that you don’t know how to control your dog.

There are already rulings that ban dogs from certain parks due to some careless owners. Putting your dog on a leash lets you control its movements. You will be able to also clean after it in case it poops in a public place.

When you and your dog are courteous in public, it shows that dogs and other citizens can exist in peace.

Dog In Public Place

#4. It is the Law to Have Your Dog on a Leash

The law dictates that a dog must be on a leash when it is 6 feet in public thoroughfare, park or trail. Regardless of whether you train the dog to stay or walk correctly, you will get a fine if you don’t adhere to these rules. These are laws for on-leash areas.

There are areas where you can remove the leash, but your dog must be within earshot to hear voice commands. It should also be within its handler’s sight.

If you’re wondering “where to walk my dog near me,” check your local laws to be on the safe side. You will get surprised by some of the insane dog laws.

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#5. You May Lose Your Dog

There are many hazards out there that your dog may encounter if it’s not on a leash. It may get lost, stolen or run away altogether. A Good Samaritan may also perceive the dog as lost and pick it up and take it to a dog shelter.

Your dog afraid of the leash should not be the reason why you shouldn’t use one, that can’t be used as an excuse.

You may think that putting your dog on a leash is unnecessary. Some people even consider it as demeaning and cruel. Remember, animals going crazy is not unusual, and if they are not on a leash, they may cause damaging effects to the society.

The fact of the matter is that leashes are suitable for both the dog and those around it. Being able to control your pup’s movements will save you a lot of heartaches, more so if it accidentally attacks some or causes harm. You may end up losing your dog, and all it takes to avoid this is a simple dog leash.

Final Thoughts

It is your responsibility as a dog owner to keep it safe. The easiest and most effective way to accomplish this is by utilizing a dog leash.

Do you believe in using a leash for your pooch? Share your views with us in the comments.

About the Author: Rachel Burns is an animal lover and journalist based in Dallas. Writing about animals is a job of her dreams. When she’s not writing or spending time with her beloved dog, Charles, she enjoys road cycling.

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