5 Tips To Keep Your Dog Away From The Fish Tank

After setting up your new aquarium, you may notice that your dog is obsessed with your new fish tank. Moreover, you may see your pup hanging around the tank, enjoying the movement of the fish. 

But, over time, your furry friend will become more curious and may try to get on top of the tank or in the tank. You could easily imagine how dangerous that could be for your dog and fish. Moreover, your pet dog could damage your expensive new aquarium.

Anything can happen as modern aquariums hold many things inside them. So, you have no choice but to keep your dog away from the fish tank.

How to Keep Fish Tanks Safe For Dogs

A fish tank not only increases the aesthetics of your home but also has several health benefits. Also, your dog is your best friend, and you can’t live without your pupster. Therefore, both your fish and your dog have a special place in your home and heart. 

Cute dog obsessed with new fish tank

However, dogs can create problems for your aquarium, and the following tricks can save your day:

1. Proper Introduction

Most dogs hate any new addition we bring into our homes. Your pup will most likely feel jealous, which in turn will give your dog a negative impression of the new arrival.

Therefore, when you set up your new fish tank, your dog may be agitated as you are paying more attention to your swimming pets. As a result, your dog may become aggressive and try to damage your new fish friends. Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it?

You can quickly take care of this issue if you introduce your dog to the new arrivals appropriately. You should use a leash to control your dog in this introductory period. Also, it will help you to control the movement of your pet dog. 

Carefully note your dogs’ behavior. Is your pup happy?  Some dogs may not like the new fish, and some may enjoy watching the fish swim. If your dog tries to climb on the fish tank and start barking, stop your dog using her leash and calm her down. That way, your dog will understand what you want, and she won’t harm the fish tank.  

2. Train Your Pet Dog

No matter if your dog likes the newly placed fish tank or not, you must train them and protect the aquarium. Yes, your dog may enjoy the fish now, but sooner or later, they will try to put their paws into the tank to play with the fish. And you can’t let this happen.

Teach your dog that it is not a good thing, and you won’t allow this kind of behavior. Do not leave your pup alone with the fish. Give your furry friend a strong message that they are not permitted to go near the tank.

After two weeks of training and teaching, your dog will understand what is right and what is wrong regarding the fish tank.

3. Choose a Safe Location

A safe location is a good tactic, and you will understand its benefits once you apply this technique. It will work as a barrier between the fish tank and your dog. Mount the aquarium on a shelf or high stand so that your furry friend can’t reach or even go near the tank.

Ensure that the stand is sturdy enough to hold the heavy tank properly. Also, you can surround the tank with your home furniture. But, never do that if it hampers the beauty of that room.

The good news is that you can place the fish tank anywhere once your dog starts behaving normally. Therefore, please have some patience for a couple of weeks, and you will soon enjoy the sweet fruit of victory.

Family and dog cleaning aquarium

4. Clean Your Tank Regularly

You might be thinking how cleaning your tank can keep the dog away, right? Let me clarify things for you.

We all know dogs can easily smell any stench quickly, and they rush to find the spot from where that strange smell is coming. So, if you don’t clean your aquarium routinely, then you may find your dog marching around the fish tank, searching for the stink.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to clean your fish tank once every two weeks. Make sure you have a sound filtration system installed and clean the tank properly. Wash each element of the fish tank, from decoration items to small rocks.

Remember, regular cleaning not only helps keep your dogs away but also keep your fish healthy. Additionally, a clean and fresh aquarium will provide new vibes to your lovely home.

5. Set an Alarm System

Setting the alarm is a quirky technique, but it works very well. Your pet dog will keep a safe distance from the fish tank. Let’s discuss how you can add this innovative alarm system.

First, observe the behavior of your dog with the tank. If your pup tends to attack the aquarium's wall or glass, then set the alarm’s sensor near the front part of the tank. The motion detector alarm system will work as it will start buzzing as soon as it detects your dog's movement near the tank.

But, you may have to place the alarm on the lid of the fish tank if your furry friend likes to climb and see the tank from above. Make sure that the alarm is loud enough to shock your dog. Some folks use a human skull shape alarm with lights, and it works great for them.

Final Thoughts

We believe these five tips to keep your dog away from the fish tank will help you solve the issue and help you live peacefully. Follow the given tricks carefully and never abuse your dog during the process. Just make sure your pup understands that you love them more than anything, but they are not allowed to do any harm to the fish tank.

Let us know in the comments below if your dog is obsessed with the fish tank, and if the above tips help.

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