Top 5 Tips to Stop Your Dog from Whining

No matter how tolerant you are, dog whining is going to get on your nerves. There is nothing more annoying than a dog who won’t stop whining at every little thing.

However, instead of becoming irritated immediately, try figuring out why your pupster is trying to communicate in this way. Without knowing the reason, you can’t work on finding the solution to stop dog whining.

Why Do Dogs Whine?

There are several reasons your dog might be whining. Only after you have discovered the cause of the whining you can try modifying this behavior. If you simply punish your dog for trying to communicate with you, your dog will get confused. Moreover, punishing might increase the whining or even cause various other behavioral issues.

Cute puppy excitement whining

Excitement Whining

Sometimes, your dog is whining because of excitement. However, this happens more seldom than you probably think. Puppies can whine from excitement more often than adult dogs. Even though this can be considered a happy whining, your dog is experiencing some form of stress.

Crying is especially common when your dog comes to greet you. If this is the only occasion when your dog whines, you shouldn’t be worried. This kind of behavior is typical, and your four-legged friend is letting you know she’s happy to see you.

Anxiety Whining

More commonly, your dog will whine out of stress, frustration, or anxiety. If you’ve left your dog alone for a while, your pup might get separation anxiety. Leaving your dog alone is a common reason behind whining.

Stress Whining

Occasionally, your puppy might get frightened by something. Dogs try to communicate with us the only way they can. Try to find out what is causing her distress, then work on calming her down. It might help if you make a list of things that make your dog whine. Then, work on changing your dog’s way about these things by using the methods listed below.

Frustration Whining

Your dog can be frustrated if she can’t reach anything or get what she wants. For example, if you’re eating something, your dog might whine because she wants a bite. Also, it isn’t uncommon for dogs to whine during obedience training.

Pain Whining

If you can’t find out what is stressing your dog out, she might be experiencing pain or discomfort. When your pup is too hot or too cold, she might whine. Try adjusting her environment accordingly.

If you can’t find any reason behind the whining, visit your vet. Painful conditions, such as arthritis, can cause your dog to cry out. Make sure you’ve ruled this out, just in case.

Now that you know what might be causing your dog to whine, here are five ways to stop dog whining.

5 Tips to Help Your Dog Stop Whining

Dog getting treat for good behavior

1. Make Your Dog Accustomed to Stimulus

Dogs tend to get stressed out because of usual, everyday things. Loud noises, the vacuum cleaner, or a local cat running by can scare your puppy. Once you have found out what is causing the fear, start making your dog accustomed to it. 

First, make sure you and your pup are far enough from that scary object or person making your dog whine. Then, whenever she looks at it, give her a treat. If she takes it, move the object a little bit closer. On the other hand, if she refuses it, move the item further away. Be patient! This process can take weeks. Hopefully, soon your dog will learn to ignore what was causing her stress altogether.

This method is the best way to deal with any possible stressors your dog might have. By having a treat every time they see and ignore the stressor, they will eventually get a positive connection with what was causing them fear or agitation.

2. Teach Your Dog Calmness

Train your dog to stay calm on command. Get your pup into her dog-bed and ask her to stay. If she complies, give her a treat. Don’t punish your dog if she continues whining! You have to remember that your pup is likely scared. Yelling will only increase stress. Instead, give her positive reinforcement every time she calms down instead of crying. This way, your dog will know that she’ll be rewarded for staying calm instead of whining.

If your dog gets overly excited when guests arrive, this is an excellent way to stop her from creating a fuss.

Beagle getting exercise to help with whining

3. Exercise Your Pupster

If your dog is actively exercising every day, she will be much happier. You see, exercise releases endorphins, neurochemicals that are natural stress relievers. Therefore, daily exercise can help your dog be less anxious.

At the same time, your dog won’t get overly excited when tired, which is another common reason behind whining. Exercise is a great way to eliminate any negative energy and stress your dog might be experiencing.

By keeping your dog active, you can kill two birds with one stone. 

4. Redirect Your Dogs Attention

When you have ensured your dog is whining out of excitement, you should redirect her attention. Shifting your pup’s attention will make her focus on doing something other than crying.

If your dog knows some tricks, ask her to do them whenever she starts whining. Tell her to sit down or to shake paws. Channel that excess energy onto something other than the source of excitement. Play with her instead of allowing her to yell and make a noise. Make sure she always has her favorite toy nearby.

A distracted dog is a quiet dog. Once she forgets about the source of excitement, she’ll become calmer.

5. Consider Anxiety Medication

If you are confident, your pup isn’t in pain but won’t stop whining, consult with your vet about giving her some anxiety medication. Dogs can suffer from anxiety, just like their owners.

If you think this is too much, try some alternative methods, such as CBD products for dogs. Just make sure everything you are doing is under veterinarian supervision. You wouldn’t want to cause your dog harm. 

And remember, whining is a way of communication. Your dog is trying to tell you something, and you, as the owner, have to do everything you can to help your dog.

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