5 Ways a Pet Sitter Can Help Improve Your Dog’s Behavior

Most people lead hectic lives, working long hours at the office, spending days on the road, or regularly meeting business contacts. A hectic schedule, whether it is for business or leisure, can place a strain on your relationships. The same is true whether the bonds in question involve fellow human beings or pets.

If you have to be away for days on end, leaving your dog home alone can put you in an agitated or worried state throughout the day or trip. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Leaving your pup in the hands of a capable pet sitter lets you live your life without having to worry about how your four-legged companion is doing. Listen to what our specialist on pet sitting in Dubai has to say about hiring pet sitters and what they can do to affect your canine’s life and yours positively.

1. Have a Ready Companion

Are you worried that your pooch is not getting enough exercise in the day? Finding the time to take your pet out for a walk can be especially taxing for owners in arid regions. In Dubai, for instance, scorching hot temperatures during the summer months limit outdoor activities.

Working long hours at the office may prevent you from giving your dog what he needs to stay healthy. However, by having a reliable pet sitter, you can have someone take your pet out for a stroll during the cooler hours of the day.

2. Provide Entertainment

Most people like being left alone with nothing to do. People get fidgety, anxious, or do unusual things to keep themselves busy. Your dog feels the same way.

Historically, dogs are like wolves in the sense that they live in packs. Boredom can lead to anxiety, stress, or negative behavior, neither of which you want in your canine. Having a pet sitter to play with, pamper, or entertain your dog keeps him in good spirits.

With a pet sitter, you won’t have to keep fretting about what your dog is doing. You can come home to a dog who’s excited to see you with your possessions intact. No mess and no stress.

3. Maintain Your Dog’s Routine

Unlike their owners, dogs need to follow a routine. They have to eat, drink, do their business at the same time. Any abrupt changes can leave them stressed and anxious.

It could be as simple as changing their usual kibbles to a different flavor. Maybe you had to forego the typical playtime days to the weekends because of your busy work schedule. Whatever the case may be, any changes, however minute or minor they may appear to be for you, can have detrimental effects on your dog.

Signs of anxiety and stress may start to appear. For instance, Fido may start chewing on your slippers or exhibit other destructive behavior. To prevent these issues, you need to keep your dog’s activities on track.

A pet sitter can come in at any time of the day to make sure your dog follows its usual schedule. While you are at the office or off on holiday, your dog gets fed, has its exercise, or pampering schedule when he needs them.

The result? Your dog is happy, and you’re happy – it’s a win-win situation for everybody.

4. Reduced Stress

Some pets and animals can be territorial. Cats and dogs react the same way when you take them out of their familiar surroundings. Placing them in a new environment is taxing for them.

Humans love to travel and try out new places, food, and experiences. However, the same cannot be said for pooches and felines. Some do, but it is rare to have one that loves exploring the world beyond your home.

Fur parents may sometimes opt for boarding facilities, thinking it would be in the best interest of their four-legged companions. But, even the best dog or cat hotels do not have a cure for homesickness. They revel in an environment that looks, smells, and feels familiar to them.

Some pets are inherently solitary. Like introverted humans, they do not make friends in a jiffy. Being in a dog hotel or boarding facility, being surrounded by strange humans and animals alike, may not be a fun experience for them.

Instead of subjecting them to the stresses of such a public space, they would fare better staying at home. An experienced pet sitter allows your pets to remain in the safety of the house, where they feel most comfortable. Fido doesn’t have to change his routine while you are away, which results in a good-natured pet when you get back.

5. Trained to Handle Emergencies

When you have to leave for a business trip or go on a weekend retreat, the natural inclination for some pet owners is to ask family, friends, or even neighbors for help. Depending on your setup or situation, you may ask them to keep an eye on your pets while you are away. Convenient and practical as this option may seem, there are caveats to leaving them with loved ones.

Taking care of animals is more than just feeding them and making sure they are clean. Like kids, your pet’s behavior can quickly change when you are away or when their routine changes. Most people do not have the education, training, experience, or expertise to handle these changes or any pet emergencies.

Imagine if your canine decides to bolt to the door, starts chewing on slippers, or jumps on your bed. Would your teenage nephew or neighbor know what to do in these types of situations? If your dog acts up, will your relatives, friends, or neighbors know how to discipline without harming him in the process?

By hiring a pet sitter, you won’t need to worry about such situations. As experienced pet handlers, they will know what to expect and how to handle emergencies or similar stressful situations.

Final Thoughts

As with any fur parent, you want the best for your pet. Having a hectic schedule doesn’t have to mean keeping your companion sad and alone at home or stressed inside a boarding facility. With having a pet sitter, you can go on living your life while allowing your pet to enjoy his, so hire a dog sitter for your next trip.

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