Why Getting a Dog During Quarantine Is The Best Decision Ever

Thanks for stopping by to read our top reasons to get a dog during quarantine (like you need a reason to adopt a pupster). Anyway, without further ado, here's the low-down.

Over the COVID quarantine, we are all spending far more time at home than we thought possible. Our worlds suddenly shrunk to the size of our homes, and our routines have turned upside down.

I know it's been a struggle, but the one benefit we're seeing is folks are getting a dog for the first time. Which we feel might just be the best decision of their lives!

Here are six no-brainers why life is simply better with a dog by your side.

6 Reasons to Get a Dog During Quarantine

Happy family playing with new dog

1. Dogs Cheer Us Up

Being in quarantine has been a considerable challenge for us all. Maybe you live on your own and are battling with feelings of isolation. If you have a large family, the challenge might have been trying to carve out a small piece of quiet time. 

However, the gentle thump of a wagging tail on the floor as your dog waits for you to finish your work is often enough to make you smile before giving your fur child a big cuddle, of course! 

The unconditional love and emotional support offered by our dogs can help improve our lives in all manner of ways, including:

  • Improving our self-esteem
  • Decreasing our feelings of loneliness
  • Improving our physical fitness levels
  • Reducing our feelings of fear 

2. Quarantine - Great For Training

Working away from home can swallow up a fair chunk of time each day. The average time spent commuting to work in the US is 27 minutes each way. 

What to do with that extra time if you’re working remotely? Train your dog, of course! Whether you’ve always wanted to try your hand at clicker training, or are house training your new puppy, that extra time is going to reap plenty of benefits. 

Even if you had to spend a fair amount of time at your desk, short breaks are the perfect time to work on a new trick or command. Imagine how impressed your friends will be when they discover your new puppy can roll over, commando crawl, and shake paws! 

Those first few meetings after the quarantine are over will be the perfect opportunity to show everyone how awesome your dog is.

3. Dogs Make Us Happy

Any dog owner will tell you this is true, but there’s also scientific research to back up their claims. Whether or not you decided to get a new puppy or adopt a shelter dog during quarantine, the enthusiasm and energy are often enough to make us smile.  

Staring into your new puppy’s eyes activates the same hormone - oxytocin - as is released when parents stare at their babies. Oxytocin is also known as the ‘love hormone’ and can help us feel calmer, reduce anxiety, and even help us feel more relaxed. Sounds pretty good!  

Dogs are also pretty talented at figuring out when we’re not happy, with studies showing that dogs can discriminate between different expressions on our faces. This level of emotional sensitivity is, of course, one of the reasons living with dogs is so awesome! 

Pet owner playing with dog outside during COVID

4. Dogs Get Us Outside

Motivating ourselves to get outside and do some exercise during quarantine could feel like a challenge at times, especially over the cold winter months. Dog owners who frequently walk their dogs are less likely to be overweight than people without dogs. That’s a definite benefit, mainly as many of us ate a little too much during quarantine (we're not naming names here)! 

While some forms of exercise in specific locations during COVID-19 are restricted, dog walking is still allowed pretty much everywhere. Having the chance to step out of the house and into the fresh air every day gave us the perfect opportunity for some much-needed head-space.

Giving your dog plenty of off-leash time is a great way to allow it the joy of running free, but it’s also a good idea to pop a tracker on its collar just in case the lure of that squirrel in the distance is too hard to ignore. 

5. Dogs Reduce Our Stress Level

If there’s one thing guaranteed to send our stress levels soaring, it’s a global pandemic. COVID-19 continues to challenge us to adapt to new situations, and many families have felt the heartbreak of losing treasured members. Research has shown that pet owners often have lower blood pressure and recover more quickly from stressful situations than people who don’t own a pet.

Just having a dog nearby can help you feel calmer and more in control. Reactions to stress are lower, and recovery time faster when we’re near our pets. These stress-reducing benefits can take effect after just six months of pet ownership. 

Kids playing with dog on carpet in bedroom

6. Dogs Help Our Kids Feel Better

Quarantine was super rigid on our kids, who had to quickly adapt to remote learning and not spend any time with their friends. Having a dog in the household could be an absolute comfort for little ones. 

Further, findings show that younger kids who struggle with reading show fewer signs of anxiety when reading to a pet dog. Maybe it’s time for a story with Rover! 

Research from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University has shown that young adults (aged 18-26) who have pets at home and are actively involved in their care are more confident and empathetic than those without pets. 

Offering your kids a new focus by adding a dog to your family over quarantine is the perfect way to introduce them to the joys of dog ownership. 

Final Thoughts

Quarantine has been a challenging experience, but if you decided to add a new dog or puppy to your family over this time, you’re probably incredibly thankful. From helping us feel less stressed to encouraging us to step outside each day, getting a dog during quarantine might just be the best decision ever. 

With the positive effects of dog ownership being pretty clear for adults and kids alike, your new pupster has probably stolen the hearts of all your family just as it should be. 

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