6 Reasons to Groom Your Dog

The moment you bring a dog into your life you become a pet parent. Which I believe is a big understatement. You know, getting a dog is not like buying a new toy that you can toss out when you get bored or don't feel like playing with it anymore. What you buy with your new pup is responsibility. 

Therefore, you'll need to take care of it, feed it, bathe it, and even deal with its moods. Yes, dogs have moods too. However, the mark of a true dog owner is when he goes to the lengths of grooming his new canine right down to the end of its toes. Some might see this as something ridiculous. But nah, it’s just that us dog lovers really know how to truly take care of our fur-babies.

If you still have second thoughts about visiting local dog groomers in your area, then this might be the right time to take a look at the reasons why you should consider it for your beloved pet dog. 

Here's Six Reasons to Groom Your Dog

Dog getting groomed to avoid shedding

1. It Controls Your Dog’s Shedding

A professional pet groomer knows what type of grooming is needed for each specific breed of dog. Yes, as owners we can always do our own dog grooming. However, pet groomers are specially trained, which can provide more comfort and more benefits for your dog. 

One benefit that a pet groomer can provide for your dog is to control its shedding. We all know that it’s one of the major problems of dog owners (or their housekeepers), to have to whip up their vacuum cleaners every time to clean the carpets. 

Regularly brushing a dog’s hair stimulates oil-producing glands in its skin, which keeps it healthy. A pet groomer is trained to properly brush your dog to achieve this benefit. 

Regular brushing and weekly baths for your dog is a perfect combination to reduce its shedding and keep your dog healthy. 

2. You Can Avoid Medical Issues

One great reason for having a professional check your dog on a regular basis is to prevent medical problems from taking place or from getting worse.

As the cliche goes a thousand times: prevention is better than cure, and it also applies when taking care of your dog. The length of their grooming plays a major role in reducing the medical risk that they may face because when each part is checked and cleaned by professional groomers.

Moreover, it ensures that each part is thoroughly checked for possible problems. However, each breed has different physical features and needs, the length of their grooming depends on their size, coat, health, and yes, attitude. 

With thorough grooming, symptoms (if there are any) can be detected, and the earlier it is seen, the earlier you can plug your dog’s medical bills from bursting. Late detection's would unleash all its perfect opposites. 

Pet grooming professionals are trained to check your pet’s current health conditions on specific parts of its bodies, and doing it the DIY way may not be the best pet care you can give your dog.

Owner connecting with dog while grooming

3. Helps Develop a Connection

One of the best ways to develop a connection with your dog is through touch. Not just a touch, but a touch with love. By regularly brushing your dog’s hair, it brings relaxation, not only for your pet but for you as well.

After a day of long work, going straight to your sofa and brushing your dog is something to look forward to. Not to mention, it's relaxing and distressing. Also, developing this ‘ritual’ will help you and your pup to become better acquainted. Which in turn, will make it easier for you to set commands that your canine will quickly follow.  

4. Your Pet Can Benefit From Proper Massages Techniques

Just like us, canines can significantly benefit from a proper massage. Let’s take note of the word ‘proper’ here. Here is one thing that you shouldn’t try the DIY way because it may cause more harm than good for your pet.

Therefore, it will be better for your dog to receive his/her much-needed massage from a dog groomer, who is also trained to take care of your pet’s muscles through massage. With their knowledge about a dog’s muscle groups, massaging techniques that are suited for them, and proper elimination of stressors, they would make your pet feel better, and I mean b-e-t-t-e-r, as they go out of the shop. 

Dog getting his nails clipped

5. It Keeps Your Dogs Nails Clean and Tidy

Grooming your dog doesn’t start and end with its hair - it goes down right into its nails. Moreover, all pet owners agree that nails should be included in the grooming ritual. What really divides them is which is a better, clipping or filing their dogs nails?

Well, with all the breeds of dogs we have, the preferences of pet owners, and their pets’ anxieties, there can be no definite ‘better’ way to cut a dogs nails.

Here’s how they differ from each other: 

Nail Clipping

  • It's a quick and quiet process. 
  • Works manually. It does not need electricity or battery to use it in cutting.

However, you may cut your dog’s quick, so extra care is needed when using this tool. 

Nail Filing

  • It works well for sharp edges, which can provide smooth and rounded nails for your dog.  
  • Perfect for large and thick nails that nail clippers might not cut perfectly. Or pets who suffer from ‘clipper anxiety’.

However, it may look scary for your dog and produces loud (and scary) noises. 

It seems to me that cutting a dog’s nails is one of the more delicate parts of grooming. As I have seen it, no matter how trained a groomer is, there are times that dogs can surprise them with unexpected scratches, which sometimes can be a bit deep. This is why I’m impressed when I see groomers who effortlessly handle dog’s paws and feet no matter how anxious the dog may be. 

6. It Can Improve Your Canines Emotional Health

‘Look Good, Feel Good.’ I know you’ve heard that saying many times. That’s why we spend a good part of our lives grooming ourselves, it makes us feel so good. Well, the same applies to our dogs.

You may have your teddy bear or toy that goes unwashed for months, and you wont hear it complain. However, this does not apply to your dog. When your dog goes without being groomed, he will feel a high degree of discomfort, which could lead to a bad mood that you wouldn't want to see.

That’s why you and your pet’s groomer should be on the same page when maintaining the physical health of your pup because it plays a big role in their emotional health as well. 

There you have it, six reasons to groom your dog. Let us know in the comments below if you have any to add to the list above.

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