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The Top 10 Sniffer Dog Breeds

Not only are dogs man’s best friend, but they’re also one of the most challenging working species on our planet! From being loyal companions to bomb-sniffing dogs, they can do it all.Some dogs do have a better sense of smell compared to others. That’s why we put together this list of the top ten best […]

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Goldendoodle Training (Four Popular Methods)

A Goldendoodle is a mixture of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Their attributes position them as an excellent family pet which would account for why everyone loves them. They shed less and are also hypoallergenic, while their intelligence makes them qualify as therapy dogs. The Goldendoodle also comes in a variety of sizes to fit […]

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10 Essential German Shepherd Diet Tips

For most of my life, I have an unexplained love for German shepherd dogs. Due to my parent’s high rise living quarters and my not wanting to imprison such a majestic dog to a balcony for fresh air, I did not have one until later in life. But regardless, I loved them from afar.I think […]

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5 Best Smart Pet Feeders for Dogs

Most pet owners would agree that in a perfect world, we’d all have more time to spend at home, hanging out with our furry friends. Unfortunately, work, errands, holidays, and hectic schedules often prevent you from being by your pet’s side every minute of the day — and that can wreak havoc on Fido’s mealtimes.Luckily, […]

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Chihuahua – The Tiny Size Dog With a Big Heart

The Chihuahua has become a staple dog breed known for its diminutive size, determined personality, and upright ears. This breed hails from Mexico and is a purebred dog noted for encompassing balance, grace, agility, and the willingness to adapt. It’s this same hearty personality that makes the Chihuahua such a well-loved pet in the world of […]

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