Auto Dog Ball Launcher: Teach Fido In 4 Easy Steps

Every pet lover wants to keep his/her pet healthy and happy. Pets adore playing and always love their owner's company. They need playing as it is a source of entertainment and also helps to burn extra energy.

But, pet owners cannot always spend time with their four legged friends. That is why they look for alternatives, so that their pet can spend blissful time.

Auto dog ball launcher is such a playing device for dogs. As a dog owner you may have heard about this playing device. This device will reduce loneliness of your loving dog and help to make fun.

What is a Ball Launcher for Dogs?

Automatic ball launcher is a device that will throw balls from different angles and your dog will catch or collect those.

  • This playing device is battery operated or AC operated. 
  • Generally, the design of the automatic ball launchers are as simple so that your dog can easily use the machine.
  • Ball launchers generally have the option of changing the length. You can adjust the length and speed according to your pet size and activity level.
  • Some ball launchers can throw multiple balls at a time. You can go for that type of launcher if you have more than one pet.
  • You can use this machine for both indoor or outdoor purposes as is portable and easy to carry.

How to Tech Fido to Use a Auto Ball Launcher?

Auto dog ball launchers are suitable for pets of all ages and sizes.

Before starting to train your pet you have to know at first about this machine. It is easy to use and all of the ball launchers usually operate in the same way.

We have made a handy guideline on how to train your dog to use this device.

If you follow this, it may speed up your training process. You will enjoy it and can also spend great time with your furry friend.

Step 1. Introduce your dog


At first, introduce your dog with the ball launcher. Turn on the machine and watch the reaction of your dog.

Every ball launcher makes a unique sound which may attract your dog's concentration or may make him afraid. Just observe the dog, but don't force.

If he gets scared, let him get relaxed and to be comfortable with the device.

Step 2. Train how to drop the ball

Play some fetching with your dog to warm up him. Then stand next to the ball launcher and drop ball to the launcher.

  • Let your dog to watch everything you are doing. Observe him what he does after the ball launcher throws a ball.

Most dogs willingly run to catch the ball. If your dog does it then your attempt is successful.

  • Encourage him to return the ball to you. When the dog does it praise him or give him a treat. Repeat this process for several times.
  • Now, encourage your dog to fetch the ball and return it to the ball launcher. Repeat the process until the dog does it.

If he returns the ball to the launcher show him positive attitude and don't forget to give a treat.

Giving a treat or showing positive attitude will encourage your dog and also increase his confidence. If he responses negatively, give him punishment or do not give him any treat.

Step 3. Let the dog learn

At this point of training, the dog has used to with this playing device and started collecting balls successfully.

Now, appreciate him so that he feels that he can also operate the ball launcher without your help.

  • 1
    Call your dog right to the auto ball launcher.
  • 2
    Load the ball to the launcher and lead him to the machine's launching button by showing with your finger.
  • 3
    Support him so that he can operate the launcher alone.

When he can operate the machine alone and is enjoying playing then continue playing.

Step 4. Correct his mistakes

If the dog fails to operate the machine without your assistance, then repeat the process by showing him again.

  • Use different commands to make him understand the every steps of the machine' operation.
  • Show your dog the launch button and where to return the balls several times by indicating with finger.
  • Cooperate the dog with positive manner. Your assistance will make him more confident.

Your beloved dog will not learn to play instantly with the auto dog ball launcher. It may take some time to train him. But, do not rush during the training.

You must have a lot of patience to successfully train him up. If you don't do that then, your effort may be in vain.

Try to follow the above steps carefully to make the training more effective. A auto dog ball launcher is a wonderful playing device for canines. Once your dog will learn playing with the ball launcher, he will just love to play with it.

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