5 Best Cat Breeds for Dogs (What’s Your Pups Favorite?)

An old saying claims there are dog people, and there are cat people, with a definite line in the sand. And you, reading this blog, are likely a dog person. But let’s not be so divisive. We live in the real world among cat people. Perhaps a loved one, like a spouse or family member, is all about cats and wants to add a cat to your family. What do you do? Well, you'll need to consider 5 of the best cat breeds for dogs!

1. Maine Coon

Maine Coon cat and Pug puppy on white background

Maine Coons are an excellent addition to your multi-pet family. This breed is unique among cats for their large size (up to 25+ pounds!), wild-looking long coat, and playful personality. They are natives of Maine and are a real American breed.

The temperament of a Maine Coon is relaxed and confident. Which, in turn, makes them well suited for living in any loving environment. They’ll be beautiful companions in family situations ranging from single adults to families with kids plus dogs.

Maine Coons can be balls of energy and prone to spontaneity at random times. There are surprise bouts of “scratch something off-limits” and running away when people find out. Even adult Maine Coons behave like kittens a lot of the time. I can see a Maine Coon swatting your dog, then running and hiding for fun!

Many people even compare Maine Coons to dogs because of their outgoing nature, size, and intelligence. One last thing - you can train them to play fetch and go on walks! Maine Coons are also very athletic and strong, which makes playtime interesting.

2. Ragdoll Cat Breed

Ragdoll cat and Chihuahua on white background

Ragdolls are another super easy-going, large (20+ pounds), long-haired cat breed. This breed gets its name from its tendency to go limp when picked up. Adored for their amazing fluffy coat and loving temperament, Ragdolls are a real social media darling, too!

In terms of personality, this breed is drama-free and great lap cats. They won’t complain or be aggressive towards your eager and curious pups. And because of their size, they make good playmates for dogs who like to play a little rough.

Like the Maine Coon, Ragdolls also displays dog-like loyalty, intense affection, and attachment. They tend not to be as active as Maine Coons, but they’ll be better snugglers with your dogs!

3. The Siberian Cat

Siberian cat sitting on white background

This old cat breed from Russia is another perfect candidate to join your multi-pet family. They are medium-sized cats, quick and athletic, and are very intelligent. Like some of the other breeds here, they also adore humans and other furry friends and are not afraid to show it!

The hind legs of a Siberian are slightly longer than the front legs, which gives them incredible leaping power. Their paws are more extensive than most cats, and they feature large amber eyes and big ears. All this makes them insanely skilled hunters. Another thing to note is that Siberians are as close to a hypoallergenic cat as you can find. So if you are allergic to cats, get a Siberian! (If you can, they are a little rare in America).

Their personality is renowned for being pleasant and tolerant, thus accepting dogs in their living environment or space. Siberian cats are also confident, very athletic, and built to move. Therefore, they should have no issues keeping up with any pupsters that want to play!

The Siberian’s intelligence and size mean they are excellent because of their toughness and live with dogs of all sorts.

4. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest cat with young pup on white background

You might confuse Norwegian Forest Cats for Maine Coons, which we can understand. One theory goes that this breed is the European ancestors to Maine Coons!

See, Vikings from Scandinavia and sailors heading to the new world would often bring along cats, famous for their hunting abilities, to minimize vermin and rats on the ships. Once in America, these cats went ashore and mixed with local cats, and over time, ultimately producing Maine Coons.

In Norway, these cats are the stuff of legends and mystery. People say that cats in the forest can only be seen in glimpses, often flashes of their tail. Similar to fairies, they know the secrets of man and beyond. Norwegian breeders took this legend and started developing them for cat shows.

The head shape of a Norwegian Forest Cat resembles a regular domestic cat, but on a much larger frame and a long coat with a luxurious bushy tail. Their head and muzzle are triangular-shaped, versus Maine Coons, which are square.

Like Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest Cats are large, long-haired intelligent cats that adore their family, whether it’s humans or mixed with doggos. This breed also shares that laid-back, easy-going personality with all friends. They exude a confidence that comes from their size and ability to thrive in to harsh winter conditions!

5. British Shorthair Cat Breed

British Shorthair (Blue) cat on white background

The British Shorthair shines as a cat breed. No, they shine. British Shorthairs have many colors, but one of the most common is “British Blue,” a shimmering gray-blue. Besides their coat, these cats have that trademark chubby adorable face with amber eyes. Legs, chest, and neck are thick and cute as well. Internet meme historians will recognize the British Shorthair as the “I Can Haz Cheezburger” cat!

Unlike the other large cats on this list, the British Shorthair has a short, dense coat. And they are powerfully built, stout, and well-muscled. In fact, they were prized throughout history as hunting cats. Today, they probably won’t be hunting anything besides some cat toys. But you can notice their mass with their short fur.

This breed’s laidback demeanor makes it a great match for dogs. At the same time, they are social and playful when the occasion arises. Meaning, they are happy alone, hanging out with humans, or interacting with dogs. The British Shorthair’s tendency to not be easily agitated is a great thing too. Which means, overly aggressive or untrained dogs simply get ignored rather than pounced on.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the five best cat breeds for dogs! Do you have one of the above cats living in your home? And do you have a dog in the mix? Let us know in the comments below; we can't wait to hear from you 🙂

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