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Why Labradors Make Great Service Dogs

Labradors are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They are famous for their gentleness, intelligence, and friendly demeanor. Because of their obedient and kind nature, these dogs have not only made the best companions and helpers, but they make excellent service dogs for a variety of tasks.Though various dog breeds are […]

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How To Know If Your Dog Is Bored

As dog owners, we often find ourselves making excuses or assigning blame for our fur baby’s undesirable behavior. Poppy chews your house to pieces while you’re at work, and you assume that it is separation anxiety or Bella paces and barks excessively, leaving you convinced that your neighbors are conspiring against you with dog whistles. […]

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Can Dogs Sniff Out Bed Bugs?

For the last two posts, we’ve been discussing the amazing ways dogs protect our health: sniffing out early stage cancer, warning epileptics before they have a seizure, letting diabetics know when their blood sugar is going too low, easing the anxiety of those suffering with PTSD, helping children with ADHD stay on task, and much […]

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Amazing Dogs Sniff Out Early Stage Cancer!

I’m sure you have heard the saying that dogs are “man’s best friend!” However, we can also say that dogs are “woman’s best friend.” Dogs are on the front lines detecting early-stage ovarian cancer, one of the most deadly cancers among women!Dogs’ extraordinary sense of smell and their unique ability to work cooperatively with researchers […]

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