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Bark It Out: 7 German Shepherd Facts

When you picture a loyal, intelligent, and well-trained dog, few come close to the German shepherd. Shepherds are so reliable that they are the most widely used canine in law enforcement.If you love this breed, check out seven more German shepherd facts below: Table of Contents 1. There are Many Types2. Ranked Third in Intelligence3. […]

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The Top 10 Sniffer Dog Breeds

Not only are dogs man’s best friend, but they’re also one of the most challenging working species on our planet! From being loyal companions to bomb-sniffing dogs, they can do it all.Some dogs do have a better sense of smell compared to others. That’s why we put together this list of the top ten best […]

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Chihuahua – The Tiny Size Dog With a Big Heart

The Chihuahua has become a staple dog breed known for its diminutive size, determined personality, and upright ears. This breed hails from Mexico and is a purebred dog noted for encompassing balance, grace, agility, and the willingness to adapt. It’s this same hearty personality that makes the Chihuahua such a well-loved pet in the world of […]

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The American Water Spaniel: An Inside Look

The American Water Spaniel is one of the few dog breeds that were developed and bred in the United States. Their original use was to walk alongside hunters to sniff and find prey. However, as society changed, there was little need for their hunting skills to be used.  From there, they’ve become an exotic pet breed […]

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Shiba Inu Dog Breed Info: The Independent, Feisty Dog!

The Shiba Inu Dog has become an internet phenomena. It’s cute, “fox-like” expression has captured the hearts and minds of thousands of people around the world. You’ll now find Shiba Inu dogs with hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram. But it’s not just memes and Instagram fame, there’s so much more to this breed. Let’s dive […]

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Golden Retriever Guide: A-Z Canine Breed Information

Golden Retrievers are an incredibly popular dog breed, consistently landing in the top ten most popular. They are friendly in nature, making them an ideal companion for the whole family. Whether you’re considering adoption or purchasing from a breeder, this comprehensive Golden Retriever guide will tell you everything you need to know about your future family […]

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