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How Much Food Should I Feed My Dog?

“Poppy, time to eat!”These may be your dog’s favorite words to hear each day. But in the back of your mind, you can’t help but wonder whether you’re actually helping her or hurting her at mealtime.Specifically, the question “how much food should I feed my dog” keeps running through your head. Research shows that nearly 56% […]

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Nutritional Needs of Large Breed Puppies (What You Need to Know)

Contrary to popular belief, not all puppies function the same way. They have different growth patterns, different bodily structures, and even differing temperaments. Thus, their nutritional needs also differ from one another. Most people are unaware that puppies and adult dogs cannot be fed the same type of food. Puppies are still growing and are vulnerable […]

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Your Dog Refuses to Eat! (What You Need to Do)

Run, fetch, roll, jump – If you have taught your dog these tricks, you know how smart and intelligent they are. Dogs are a blessing to humankind. Their unconditional love is all that we need in our life. They teach us love, compassion, and trust. And all they want is affection and a tasty treat.But, […]

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Here’s How to Change Your Dogs Food Quickly!

We often hear that you should not change a dog’s food too quickly as it could cause their stomach upset and temporary diarrhoea. But sometimes due to extenuating circumstances you can’t change it as gradually as you may wish. People change dog food for many reasons. Often when you first bring your puppy home you will […]

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Dog Food 101: Can Dogs Be Vegetarians?

As people, we sometimes choose a vegetarian diet to make our bodies healthier. By eating mostly vegetables, the risk of heart disease and obesity can sometimes be lowered. If a vegetarian diet is good for us humans, can dogs be vegetarians as well? The short answer is “yes”, it is possible – but not always advisable! […]

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Are You Feeding Your Dog Right? 6 Ways to Tell

Some owners find it cute when a dog is chubby or fat. Dogs are like people. they are prone to developing conditions such as heart disease, Cushing’s disease and some forms of cancer. One way to keep your dog healthy is by managing food portions properly. There are a number of factors to consider when it comes […]

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