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How to Train Your Puppy to Sleep ALL Night

Adding a puppy to your family is no less than welcoming a newborn human baby into your life. They have the same cuteness that makes your heart go warm. However, there is also a flip-side to the inclusion of this new member – their sheer energy is too much for a regular person to handle. Whether it […]

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New Puppy Tips

Having a new puppy comes with excitement and with it also comes challenges because it has not yet been trained how to behave. Your will have to deal with some unfavorable behaviors such as chewing, whining, pooping and jumping. It is therefore important to ensure that you start your relationship on the right foot and that […]

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Top Tricks for Stopping Puppy Biting

Puppies have a habit of biting and nipping on just about anything. If you are not careful, they can grow up to become very aggressive. Besides, a puppy with a biting behavior can bite on your leather furniture, among other household items. It can also attack your toddlers as they play with the little animal. […]

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