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5 Rescue Dog Myths & Misconceptions

We all know that there are rescue dogs out there waiting for a forever home, and many of us feel drawn to make that special bond with a rescue. But there are a few misconceptions that may stop you from adopting.We’re about to bust five rescue dog myths to help you take the first step […]

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Your Guide to Grooming Your Dog at Home

Along with a healthy diet, heaps of exercise, plenty of love, and regular vet visits, regular grooming is also an essential part of being a responsible dog parent. Grooming your pet is more than the occasional brush or a run through the hose-sprinkler during the summer months. You’ll need to get familiar with the correct techniques […]

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19 Tips for First-Time Dog Owners

Congratulations on welcoming a dog into your home and family. You’re embarking upon an exciting adventure. To ensure your success, let’s dig right into our top 19 tips for first-time dog owners. Table of Contents 1. Puppy Proof Your Home2. Respect Your Pet’s Doghood3. Do Your Research4. Understand Chewing Behavior5. Find a Vet Before You […]

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The Ultimate Guide for Choosing Dog Clothing

Some dog owners mistake apparel as something unnecessary. Perhaps their conception is that dogs already have fur, so what’s it really for? Well, dog clothing is not just something that can make your furry friends look more adorable. They serve a purpose too. Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should consider buying […]

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How Dogs Help Us Live a Longer Life

We have all felt the need to complete our family by bringing home an adorable pet. It’s a pet that will love us unconditionally and always keep our house’ positive and full of life.Who does not like waking up every morning looking at a cute puppy’s smiling face, wagging its tail in excitement, and eyes […]

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How To Keep Your Dog Safe From Pet Theft

The risk of pet theft is an unfortunate issue that pet owners across the globe have to face. With convictions of pet thieves at an all-time low, the number of dog thefts has risen to a record high. However, like with many other crimes, the more you know about the why and how the better […]

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Dogs Vs Fish: Which Make the Best Pet

Are you in the market for a new pet? If so, before immediately springing for what’s generally the most popular pet option (dogs), first consider all of the options out there. One extremely common pet is a fish. Have you considered getting a fish instead of a dog?As you’ll discover in this article, there are […]

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Top 10 Most Loyal Dogs in the World

Dogs are charming little fur-balls, so it’s easy to fall in love with them. They are naturally sweet and doting, but the subject of loyalty is a totally different topic. Some dogs seem to adore all humans, regardless of who feed them, bathe them, or cuddle them at night. Others, on the other hand, can […]

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5 Tips to Help Your Dog Thrive During a Move

There’s no doubt that moving is a stressful experience for every member of the family, including your canine companions. Unfortunately, we can’t simply explain moving to our dogs. Think about it from the dog perspective: the family packs up everything, including dog food, treats, and toys. Everyone in the house is stressed out. To top […]

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