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5 Benefits of CBD On Your Dog’s Intelligence

Dogs are not just loyal pets but are truly intellectual partners to human beings. Over the years, dogs have shown many signs of cognitive responses such as problem-solving, developing conceptual skills, understanding and processing new information, comparing, combining, responding to gestures, body language, and even human emotions in some cases.Training and teaching these sophisticated creatures […]

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When Should You Stop Giving CBD To Your Pet?

Cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis, has gained immense popularity as a medical drug in the last few years. In pets too, CBD oils have seen tremendous growth for the treatment of anxiety, joint-pains, relief from inflammation, etc. Although lab tests on mice have shown promising results, research on the efficacy of CBD […]

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6 Reasons to Groom Your Dog

The moment you bring a dog into your life you become a pet parent. Which I believe is a big understatement. You know, getting a dog is not like buying a new toy that you can toss out when you get bored or don’t feel like playing with it anymore. What you buy with your […]

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The Differences Between Hair Shedding & Hair Loss in Our Pets

As pet owners, we have to bear the responsibility of tackling those unwanted guests in our home. Yes, I’m talking about our pet’s shedding and hair loss. Moreover, it’s essential to understand that pet hair shedding and hair loss are both entirely different terms, and both have different causes, symptoms, and solutions. However, pet shedding is […]

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Is Vape Smoke Bad for Your Dog?

Most of the time, what you put into your body won’t hurt your pet. However, if you’re a dog owner who enjoys vaping, you might want to think twice before you do it around your dog. According to the Pet Poison Helpline, there has been an increase in calls for concerns of nicotine poisoning after […]

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How to Keep Your Dog from Getting Overheated

Have you ever noticed your dog panting and wondered what it’s all about? Well you see, dogs pant because they don’t really have sweat glands. Panting allows them to release a little bit of excess body heat.  However, that cute little pant may not be enough to completely cool your pup down. Therefore, it’s always […]

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Seven Dog Diseases That Can Affect Human Health

Dogs help humans to reduce effects brought about by day-to-day stressing activities. While playing with your dog, you experience an increased level of the stress-reducing hormone called Oxytocin and a decreases production of the stress hormone known as Cortisol. These hormonal changes help relieve the anxious feeling making you feel more relaxed and affect your […]

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7 Home Remedies to Combat Your Dog’s Bad Breath

Imagine coming back to your house after a rough, stressful day and being greeted by your pooch. She wags her tail with much excitement and wants you to pet her. You grab her for enjoying your canine’s company but soon your senses get hit by this awful smell. The bad breath makes receiving those slobbery […]

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Why Dogs Are Good for Your Health

If you’ve ever owned a dog, chances are you’re already very familiar with some of the benefits their presence can bring to your life.They’ll wag their tail so hard when you get home that their whole body will wiggle. They’ll encourage you to get up and take a walk. They happily snuggle you when you’re […]

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10 Tips On Keeping Your Dog Safe During The Winter

Winter is here, and while millions of us around the country begin to bundle up against inclement weather, it’s important not to forget the needs of our four-legged furry friends. Just like when it comes to us humans, the winter can can pose dangerous threats to dogs and pets in general.Here are ten winter safety […]

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How to Plan for Your Dog’s Health Emergency

Your dog is a member of the family, and like any other family member, their health emergency can be super scary. While you can’t plan for everything, having a plan in place in case something goes wrong with your dog can often mean the difference between life and death. So what do you do when your […]

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