How Can CBD Help With Your Dog’s Dental Care?

Balancing your dog's oral health and dental hygiene is a tedious task. Oral health forms an integral part of overall health, and keeping your dog's mouth clean and healthy is thus essential.

Dental diseases can have a massive impact on your dog's wellness as it could induce liver, kidney, heart ailments, or even cancer. Here is where the latest rage in pet health, CBD, can be of great use.

Seeking the power of some potent ingredients such as CBD for dog teeth can improve oral hygiene, health, and dental wellness. So how can this cannabinoid improve dental health? Well, here are five practical ways of how CBD can enhance your dog's oral health.

1. It Can Treat Cavities

Closeup of a dog mouth with cavities

Cavities are a common dental problem in dogs that occurs in the maxillary first molars or the second to last teeth situated in the back of their mouth. One of the most common reasons behind this is a low-quality diet that causes an imbalance in their mouth, promoting the growth of cavity-causing germs.

Apart from diet, lack of chewing toys or treats and brushing could also induce this problem. Sometimes even low saliva production causes an imbalance in the mouth and leads to cavities. It could cause pain, dark spots, or holes in the teeth.

CBD has powerful benefits for dogs to cope with cavities. The cannabidiol interacts with your canine's endocannabinoid system to reduce the intensity of pain.

Moreover, it also treats the inflammation in the areas near the crater to provide relief. CBD-infused chew treats can help improve oral hygiene and eliminate food deposits in the crevices that can reduce the risk of developing cavities.

They also improve appetite to include foods that provide necessary nutrients for proper balance in the body. You can also administer the best CBD tincture orally to provide relief. You can also apply CBD oil directly to the mouth near the affected areas to ease the swelling and treat the problem.

2. It Can Help With Bad Breath

Hand giving dog CBD oil for bad breath

Dogs often suffer from bad breath. Many owners complain about the breath smelling foul, like blood, decay, or even poop sometimes. Bad breath is usually an indicator of poor dental hygiene, oral health problems, or illness such as kidney disease, liver problems, or even diabetes. Sometimes even the wrong diet can trigger a bad smell.

Some small breeds are more prone to bad breath problems as compared to others. One of the most effective means to solve this problem is using CBD oil.

CBD oil has antibacterial properties that help to solve dental problems that could trigger bad breath. It eliminates the build-up of bacteria that could cause a foul smell.

Ingesting the oil can strengthen the immune system and enhance digestion. The oil also indirectly promotes the healthy bacteria living in the gut that plays a vital role in treating bad breath. CBD oil can thus be a powerful way of coping with the problem.

A few drops of CBD tincture in water can help provide the right dosage for your dog to cope with issues that could cause bad breath and feel healthy. 

3. It Can Treat Gum Problems

Dog mouth with periodontitis

Gum diseases are yet another common dental health problem faced by dogs. Given they do not brush post every meal, it is natural that there is a plaque build-up that eventually starts to promote germ buildup.

The food particles combine with the minerals and saliva in the mouth and turn into the calculus that irritates the gums. Ultimately, the irritation triggers infection and inflammation in the local sites, leading to pain, bad breath, and gum bleeding. The condition is known as gingivitis, and CBD for dog teeth can be the best solution to treat the same.

The powerful antibacterial properties of CBD helps to fight the build-up of bacteria in the mouth. Brushing your teeth with CBD oil can effectively curb the regions swelling or inflammation and provide relief. Gum diseases are incredibly unhealthy and could cause intense pain and discomfort in your pet.

Prolonged inflammation could negatively impact your dog's appetite and increase the severity of the disease as well. CBD helps to curb inflammation and pain with minimal side effects. It interacts with the immune system to ease the inflammatory response that provides immediate relief.

It will also increase happy hormones in the body to improve your furry companion`s mood.

4. It Can Reduce and Prevent Plaque

Closeup of dog teeth with lots of plaque

The antibacterial properties of CBD for dog teeth can be the best choice to prevent plaque build-up. Plaque is one of the leading reasons for several oral hygiene problems as well as dental ailments. It promotes the growth of harmful microbes that damage the teeth and infect the gums.  Regularly eliminating plaque will reduce the risk of exposing your pet's mouth to bacterial colonies.

CBD effectively reduces the harmful bacteria in your mouth. It helps to reduce plaque as well as protects the mouth from future build-up. Infusing CBD oil in your dog's dental routine, such as through toothpaste or using CBD oil to brush their teeth, can have tremendous benefits.

5. It Can Relieve Pain Induced Anxiety

CBD concept for pan and anxiety

Getting through dental ailments can be a challenging time for your pet. Most dogs suffer from severe inflammation that induces pain and discomfort. It could increase anxiety as they are unable to cope with the problem.

Pain can also affect their sleep patterns and severely impact appetite that can alleviate overall health. While vets usually prescribe pain killers, the effects may wear down or cause side effects such as digestive problems.

CBD oil is an anti-anxiety ingredient that can aid your dog to cope with the stressful time. The compound, apart from attending to the pain and inflammation, also helps to calm your pet. It induces relaxation and increases happy hormones in the body that improves your dog's mood. It will keep them feeling comfortable and calm.

CBD also has mild sedative benefits that are handy to restore sleep patterns. They also trigger a healthy appetite that will support faster healing and recovery. The right dose of CBD during a dental health problem can support a quicker and more efficient recovery apart from treating the conditions directly. 

CBD For Dog Teeth Final Thoughts 

Regular check-ups are crucial to diagnose any dental problems as early as possible. Make sure to schedule regular appointments to get your canine`s mouth checked. Using CBD for dog teeth will  improve your dog's dental health and wellness, which is also an easy and practical choice. 

The natural cannabinoids enhance their overall health in the process and come with minimal side effects, which ensure that your furry buddy will stay happy and cheerful always. 

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