CBD for dogs

CBD For Dogs Infographic Explained

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from anxiety disorders. Of course, their anxiety is not like ours, but they do feel fear and stress like we do. However, as one particular chemical found in the cannabis plant has been used for treating human anxiety, it also found its way to help our fluffy friends.

Cannabidiol (CBD), is one out of 113 other cannabinoids in marijuana, but it’s the only one with no psychoactive effects. That’s why it has been used for treating all sorts of human and animal conditions, such as anxiety.

There are several types of anxiety in dogs. But fortunately, CBD seems to help for all of them.

How about anxiety from loud noises?

Anxiety from loud noises is actually very common. A lot of dogs are afraid of fireworks, thunderstorms and other noises. But, with the right dose of CBD, your dog can finally feel relaxed and enjoy the 4th of July without being frustrated by the loud cracking sounds of fireworks.

How about separation anxiety?

Some of our canine friends feel very uncomfortable when being left alone at home. Some of them bark or whine, others make a mess of the house, and some are just too afraid and anxious until the owner gets back home. As it turns out, from the experience of vets and dog parents, CBD can be very effective in reducing separation anxiety as well.

How about traveling anxiety?

Also, when it comes to traveling, some dogs just don’t like it, which can be very frustrating to both pet and the owner. Some do overcome it after some time, but other even experience vomiting and nausea while traveling by car. Well, just a few drops of CBD oil can solve that problem.

As mentioned before, dosing is really important. The folks at Greencamp created an infographic to guide you through this and you can find all the information about dosing depending on your dog’s weight. We wish all the luck to you and your dog on the way to recovery from anxiety.

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