doggy dan - the online dog trainer review

“Are you ready to take the first step towards a well behaved and obedient dog?”

Wouldn't it be great if EVERY time you called your dog, they would come?

What if…

at your command, your precious pooch would stop barking at the neighbors OR perhaps not bark at them at all?

…you could stop your dog from running away?

…you could leave your home WITHOUT worrying about them destroying the furniture, using the bathroom everywhere AND having separation anxiety? you think this is a reality for OTHER dogs and not your own?

It CAN be YOUR reality 

Getting a new puppy or dog can be a joyous occasion, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare IF they are not trained properly.

Maybe you are already dealing with the sleepless nights and may even start feeling like dropping them off to the local animal shelter, right?

No need to admit to it.

At some point in time, many dog owners suffering through growing pains and frustrations with their dog have felt this way.

So what is the answer?

Well, you can pay a personal dog trainer IF you have the cash lying around, probably to the tune of $500 for a three-hour training session.

If you don’t have that kind of money to throw around, there IS one solution and it includes a world-renowned expert who provides you with the tools, videos, lessons AND personal one-on-one help at a fraction of the cost.

INTRODUCING The Online Dog Trainer

Daniel Abdelnoor

Daniel Abdelnoor, better known as Doggy Dan is New Zealand’s MOST trusted Dog Expert, and the beauty of his program is that his techniques are VERY EFFECTIVE, but more importantly they are SIMPLE and FUN.


Full library of training videos.


One-on-one personal help.


Affordable at home training.

Have we got your interest yet?

Doggy Dan has a comprehensive online training program that can help ANY dog owner to deal with any dog issues.

Upon first arrival at his site, you’ll notice something he mentions that makes things seem SO common sense, in fact it sounds like a gigantic secret, and you’ll find yourself asking – “Why didn’t I think of that?!”

Think about it.

When our dogs do something wrong we yell at them, THEN we get upset because they don’t do what we ask or don’t do what we want them to.

Here’s a newsflash, they probably can’t understand what we are saying – they are dogs!

Not so big of a secret now, is it?

So, we treat them like humans, talk to them like humans and expect them to react like humans, BUT they aren’t.

They are D-O-G-S.

Doggone it, and once your realize it, life will be so much easier.

So, let’s take a closer look at the Doggy Dan online trainer program.

Doggy Dan BASICS

The program is an online membership that is comprised of videos, lessons and techniques for you to refer to and use.

  • caret-right

    Will this work for a SIBERIAN HUSKY? Yes, it will.

  • caret-right

    Will it work for a CHIHUAHUA? No doubt about it.

  • caret-right

    How about a GOLDEN RETRIEVER? No worries.

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    The training will work for ALL BREEDS.


So what's in the member's area?

The Online Dog Trainer Full Package Image

Glad you asked.

Here are some of the main points:

Roughly 350 Videos (plus audios, and PDF downloads)

Everyone learns differently. Some learn better watching videos, some learn better by listening to audio files, while some need something printed or online to read. With a wealth of material, you’ll be sure to find something that will suit your learning style.

Video Diary Case Study (From 8 Weeks Old To One Year)

One of the most popular sections in the member’s area is Project Moses’ Video Diary. Want to see EXACTLY how Dan raises and trains a dog from being a puppy? Here is your chance. Project Moses takes you through 68 videos to show you firsthand what it takes to properly train your dog.

Dog Problem Solver

Need a reference guide for ALL of your dog’s behavioral problems? In section 5, you will find a full range of problems covered AND easy solutions to your most pressing problems.

But Wait, There's More!

Forum Access To Dan

This alone is well worth the admission price. You’ll have complete access to Dan and his team, you’ll be able to ask questions about your dog’s issues, AND even share videos of what’s going on so they can better assist you. They will take a look at your situation, give you a solution and help you put it into action.

General Forum Access

Ever feel like you are all alone? Now you won’t with access to other dog owners just like yourself. You can see what others are saying about their dogs, find some solutions or just pick up some valuable information.

Dan is constantly adding videos from his consultations so you can see up close HOW he does things. These videos are posted weekly so you can have a wide variety to learn from. You’ll get to see different dogs, in different situations with different issues. This variety will help you to better understand your dog AND give you more tools along the way.

The Library

If you want to take something along with you where you may not have Internet access, now you can. You will be given full access to the library of downloads to take with you wherever life leads you. Listen on the go as you drive, while you work out or even just relaxing in your living room.

Membership Portal Walk Through

When you start your trial, you’ll see the following menu items:




Pack Leader


Puppy Training 


Project Moses


Dog Problems


Dog Training 



Doggy Dan Forum Walk Through

Within each section you'll find tons of valuable information to get your dog to behave, as you would like them to. Here's a sneak peak of each of the major sections., 

PACK LEADER - In this section, you’ll be given an introduction to being the Pack Leader and will be able to see Dan’s 5 Golden Rules.

For instance, RULE #1 is “The Pack Leader Controls The Food.” In this section Dan discusses why food is the most important resource. He tells you how you can use food to become the pack leader and teaches you ways that your dog will actually try to outwit you!

He goes on to take a look at this in greater detail speaking of aggressive dogs, feeding dogs around children and what to do if you have more than one dog. He speaks of things like HOW to feed two dogs that may be aggressive towards each other around food.

He goes further on to discuss not just controlling food, but also any edible chew toys like bones or pig ears.

Along with the videos you will also have audio that you can listen to as well. As you can see, the sections do drill down and get pretty detailed, ensuring that you will have all of the necessary tools to train your dog.

PUPPY TRAINING - In this section you will find subsections like:

  • paw
    Introduction To Puppy Training 
  • paw
    General Health 
  • paw
    Getting Started
  • paw
    Meeting The World
  • paw
    Behavioral Issues

That second to last section is probably the one that caught your eye the most. Within that section you will find further information on areas such as: 

  • paw
    Toilet Training 
  • paw
    Submissive Urination 
  • paw
  • paw
  • paw
    Mouthing And Biting 
  • paw
    Jumping Up
  • paw
  • paw
    Crying When Left
  • paw

Again, in these sections you will see just how in depth Dan gets. For the toilet training sections, he doesn’t give you some mystical and magical tips. He gives you practical advice and is realistic about it.

For example, he says that all dogs learn at different rates. He says usually after two weeks of consistent toilet training, that your dog will develop a pattern, HOWEVER it can take longer if you are inconsistent with your dog.

The Secret?

He says the secret is to STAY CALM and CONSISTENT.

No big, magical things here – just practical advice.

He doesn’t just leave you there either. He outlines steps and gives you information you can use like:

1. Trying to predict or anticipate when your puppy needs to go

2. Taking your puppy outside OR where you want them to go

3. Ensuring you have a treat in your pocket

4. Staying calm and giving your command to go…

There are other steps involved, but we don’t want to spoil it for you.

Project Moses

This unique set of videos, or rather video diary shows Dan training Moses from early on to his later months. You’ll follow along with these enormous amounts of videos and watch Moses grow through:

· 8 Weeks Old

· 9 Weeks Old

· 10 Weeks Old

· 11 Weeks Old

· 12 Weeks Old

· 13 Weeks Old

· 14 Weeks Old

· 15 Weeks Old

· 4 Months Old

· 5 Months Old

· 6 Months Old

· 8 Months Old

Here are some things Dan discusses along the way at various intervals. In the section labeled 8 Weeks Old, you’ll find him talking about things such as:

1. Bringing Your New Puppy Home

2. Your New Puppy Meeting The Family

3. Puppies Crying At Night

4. Crate Training

5. Chew Toys

6. Short Separation And A Chew Toy

7. Very Important Rules

8. How To Leave Your Puppy At Home Alone

At 9 Weeks Old:

1. Pavlov’s Theory

2. Redirecting Chewing

3. Dealing With Friends And Visitors

4. Stopping A Puppy From Chewing The Mop

Throughout the video diary, you’ll see sections that will resonate and hit home and REALLY teach you what you can do to train your puppy, such as desensitizing them to noise.

Dog Problems And Dog Training​​​​

Does Your Dog Bark

Here’s another section that you may find extremely valuable and extremely useful.

Does your dog bark?

Silly question, we know, but seriously if your dog barks and you need help getting it under control then this section may just be what you need.

Here Dan discusses the various areas of barking such as:

  • circle
    Barking On The Walk
  • circle
    Barking For Attention
  • circle
    Barking In The Car
  • circle
    Barking When Left
  • circle
    Barking At The Door

And that’s just for​ barking!

Here are some other important and relevant areas you'll find Dan discussing:

  • circle
    Separation Anxiety  
  • circle
    Hyper Activity 
  • circle
    Jumping Up
  • circle
    Not Coming When Called
  • circle
    Fears And Phobias 
  • circle
  • circle
    Eating Poop (Yes, That's Covered!)
  • circle
    Jumping On Furniture
  • circle
    Keeping Your Dog Out Of An Area
  • circle
    Using A Dog Door

Do you have an aggressive Dog?

No worries, Dan has you covered there as well as he teaches you about aggressive dogs living together, using a muzzle and other important areas of dog aggression.

The FORUM has thousands of post and literally TONS of topics.

Doggy Dan Forum Walk Through

Section: Dog Training
Topic: Questions About Regression

Section: Puppy Training
Topic: Is There A Method To Redirect Scavenging?

Section: Dog Barking
Topic: Night Barking

Section: Dog Aggression

Topic: Growling

Section: Dog Chewing

Topic: Chewing Door Trim

NOTE: The forum is a valuable section, though it does not come with the three-day trial. If you want access to this area, you will need to sign up as a regular member.

What Others Are Saying

Now that you have had a chance to take a closer look at what the membership site has to offer, you probably want to know what others think of the program, right?

Thought so.

From the site, you’ll see what members have said on Social Media. Here are a few of the actual quotes:

The Online Dog Trainer is super-easy to follow and has everything I need to train my puppy. I have learned a lot considering It’s my first time being a dog owner. I love that I can watch live consultations of Doggy Dan’s training. His method really does work like magic!

Thank you Dan, you’re the best…” – Ahmed Shahbou

As you can see from the quote above, EVEN if you are a first time dog owner you can gain a lot. You can also see actual consultations and learn as you watch.

Here’s another one:

“I love Doggy Dan! Everyone tells you that you need to be the pack leader, but no one ever shows or tells you how to do it. Well Doggy Dan does! And it’s so easy to follow with the videos. There seems to be a video for every problem and question I have regarding my dogs. I started seeing results within the first day. I have a ways to go with my four dogs, but now I have the tools I need.” – Terry Roth

Isn’t that comforting to know – Easy to follow videos, videos for all of your problems and easy to follow videos.

As you can see, there are many fans of Doggy Dan.

Here’s one more:

“Easy and understandable instructions and videos. Will definitely recommend.” – Freddie Durham

That’s what you want out of a program – Easy and Understandable.

There are many other testimonials and if you’d like to view them you can do so here:

What The Professionals Are Saying

When you have users of the program vouching for you, that’s one thing.

When you have professionals doing so, that’s a whole different story.

Dan’s online dog-training course is the ONLY one of its kind that is not only being used by the New Zealand SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), BUT it’s also the ONLY program that’s being endorsed by them as well.

This speaks volumes.

What you’ll find with this kind of recommendation is that it not only works, BUT is gentle and kind to your dog as well.

Start Your One Dollar, No Risk, 3-Day Trial!

$37/month - $147 for 6 months ($1 Trial for 3 days)


Still NOT Convinced That Your PROBLEM Is Covered?

Okay, so you may be thinking – “What if MY problem isn’t covered?”

Valid question.

Dan has 34 specific issues he brings up, so if you still need some convincing, here’s a look at just some of these areas:

1. Dogs pulling on their leash while walking

2. Problems with your dog jumping on you, family members or even other people

3. Dogs not listening and coming when you call them

4. Dogs who aren’t toilet trained OR have toilet training concerns

5. Dogs mouthing or biting

6. Dogs who cry when you leave

7. A dog who doesn’t listen to your commands

8. Digging concerns

9. Dogs who steal

10. Aggression to you, other dogs, objects or animals

11. Runaway dogs

12. Barking at you, cars, front doors

13. Fear of fireworks, loud sounds, people or other dogs

14. Excessive chewing or licking

You can put it through its paces, watch the videos, listen to the audio and read the articles.

You can see just how Doggy Dan trains dogs and see how he can help you.

You can even train along side of him and try out the techniques and tips with your dog as you learn.

This is really THE best way to decide if the program is for you.

If you do decide that you’d like to continue on with the program, then you’ll be paying the low price of just $37 a month.

During the initial trial period you'll have FULL access to the following:

  • How To Become The Pack Leader
  • Complete 5 Golden Rules
  • Everyday Dog Training Tools
  • Puppy Training Section
  • Project Moses Puppy Video Diary
  • Dog Problems Section
  • Dog Training Section
  • After the trial, in ADDITION to the above, you'll also get:

  • Forum Access With Doggy Dan
  • Weekly Video/Audio Updates
  • Download Library Of Videos And Audios
  • As you can see, the Online Dog Trainer program with Doggy Dan is pretty comprehensive.

    In order to decide if you would like to stick with it, you can try it out for just one dollar.

    While you won’t get access to the forum, video updates and library downloads, what you will get is a pretty intensive look at the hundreds of videos and lessons.

    If you are on a budget, and NEED some help, then this just may be the best option for you at this time.

    As mentioned earlier, a personal dog trainer could run you $500 for just a few hours. With a program like this, you will be getting access to a leading Dog Trainer who has seen nearly every problem imaginable when it comes to dogs.

    You’ll also have in-depth training when it comes to areas such as toilet training, commands and aggressive dogs.

    What’s more, you’ll basically be getting personal dog training, as you can speak with Dan about your specific problem (when you become a regular member), and show him and his team video of the actual problem.

    With their expertise and knowledge, they will be able to diagnose the problem and give you actionable information so that you can take care of the issue once and for all.

    If credibility is a concern then just look at what others are saying as well as the New Zealand SPCA for more information.

    What you choose to do from here on out is up to you, and you should do your due diligence and homework if you decide to join Doggy Dan’s membership program.

    What we hope to have accomplished here, is to give you a better view of the program and what it entails.

    We hope that the information shared here in this comprehensive review, will help you to make the best-informed and educated decision possible.

    Start Your One Dollar, No Risk, 3-Day Trial!

    $37/month - $147 for 6 months ($1 Trial for 3 days)


    "If I had to start training my girl Bella again, and could only pick one dog training program... it would be this one. I can't imagine training my pooch any other way.

    Hope to see you on the inside... Sheri & Bella

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