Dogs Vs Fish: Which Make the Best Pet

Are you in the market for a new pet? If so, before immediately springing for what's generally the most popular pet option (dogs), first consider all of the options out there. One extremely common pet is a fish. Have you considered getting a fish instead of a dog?

As you'll discover in this article, there are many advantages to having a fish over a dog as a pet. In this post, we'll set the dogs versus fish as pets debate once and for all. 

Keep in mind that there is no one size fits all answer to this question. Dogs and fish just obviously have very different characteristics, and you need to figure out which characteristics align with what you're looking to get out of a pet. 

Fish Are Calming

Fish have a very tranquil, calming aura to them. There's just something about watching them flitter to and fro' in their bowls and/or aquariums. It's an extremely calming effect.

Dogs Are Exciting

Dogs, on the other hand, are all go go go. A dog constantly wants to be petted, fed, taken out for walks, etc.. Nothing pleases a dog more than constant action. Obviously, there are some differences between breeds but the overall character of a dog is one that is extremely enthusiastic.

Fish Are Less Expensive

Fish are far less expensive than a dog, obviously. Once you have everything set up for the fish — an aquarium, water pump, and filter, etc. — then you're pretty much golden. All you have to purchase is fish food once in a while, which is a negligible expense. 

Dogs Are More Expensive

Dogs, on the other hand, are far more expensive than fish. Dogs require vaccinations, much more dog food than a fish, dog toys, a collar and leash, and much more.

The result is that owning a dog can become quite an investment. If you're right now in a situation where you have to watch your pennies, then owning a dog may not be the best option for you.

Fish Are Quiet

Last but certainly not least, fish are extremely quiet. They emit no sound. As a result, few apartment complexes will complain about you keeping fish in your unit. There's also no chance of the fish waking up the neighbors, getting in their garden, or any sort of mischief. This is especially true about fish like macroalgae — you can read more about macroalgae here.

Dogs Are Loud

Anyone who's been around an excited dog knows that an excited dog loves nothing more than to bark his or her head off. Being that loud can be very off-putting to neighbors, and in many apartment complexes, pets like dogs are not even allowed.

Dogs Versus Fish as Pets

This article should have settled the dogs versus fish as pets debate for you, once and for all. Some people will argue that this proves why dogs are the best pets, but for others fish as pets may resonate more.

All that remains is for you to make a decision about which pet you'd like to get! For more pet and dog advice, make sure to check out the rest of the articles right here on our website!

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