Train Your Dog from Home During COVID-19

With professional training classes and obedience schools closed due to COVID-19, you may be wondering how to keep up on your pup’s training. Fortunately, it’s easy to train your dog at home. All you need is a distraction-free environment, some treats, and a little bit of patience. 

“Sit” and “stay” aren’t just cool tricks to show off at parties –– obedience training is crucial for your dog’s health and can keep them safe in dangerous situations. For example, if your pup gets off its leash on a walk or escapes your backyard, knowing the “come” command is the best way to get them back under your control quickly and safely. 

Aside from obedience training, it’s also important to teach your dog good manners on a leash, as well as crate training and potty training. This kind of training is important to the overall health of your dog and can even improve their mental and emotional well-being! It will also make your pup a more polite member of the family, especially if you’re all crammed into the house during the quarantine. 

Check out the infographic below for tips on training your dog at home during COVID-19:

About the Author: Marielle Stroud is a Texas native who writes for Coupon Chief on topics related to budgeting, personal finance, and e-commerce.

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