5 Quick Tips: How to Get Your Dog to Listen to You

Would you like your dog to be “man’s best friend?” Part of the family? Or would you rather have to deal with Cujo?

Chances are you aren’t too keen on option three. While a dog can make for a loveable companion, a disobedient dog can make for a major headache. 

However, even if you have a problematic canine, it can be trained to behave for you. All you need is the right tips and tools.

Do you want to know how to get your tail-wagger to listen to you? Here are five tips to help you have an obedient pup.

1. Always Use Your Dog’s Name

First and foremost, your dog needs to know its name. Your pup needs to know that you are referring to it and that you expect its attention. Use your pupsters name consistently with a positive tone.

2. Never Lose Your Temper

Training a dog and anger don’t go well together. If you engage your dog with rage, it will see you as an aggressor. Put simply, it will see you as threatening rather than authoritative, and it won’t trust you.

An excitable tone is a better approach with a dog, as it will trigger excitement in it, making it feel like there is something fun awaiting your canine if it listens to you.

3. Use Positive Reinforcement

Do you know that excited voice we told you to use to get your dog excited? Don’t disappoint your pet when it gets overly excited.

Offer a reward for your dog’s obedience. A belly rub can do the trick, but let’s be honest: dogs love treats. Rewards like this will reinforce that certain behaviors have good results for your dog.

4. Always Be Consistent

If you aren’t consistent when training or repeatedly changing its training method, your dog is confused. You may get frustrated if the technique isn’t working, but you need the patience to get results. Stay consistent, and eventually, your dog will catch on.

5. Seek a Professional Dog Trainer

There are times when these methods don’t work. Training isn’t a one-size-fits-all matter. Different breeds and different environments yield different results.

If you’re having trouble training your dog, you may want to consider learning how to teach it from a professional. This can be individual training, group classes, etc. Professional trainers work with different breeds, and they know how to turn any breed into an obedient dog.

Professional training may be an investment, but for the sake of having a well-behaved dog, it may be worth it.

More on How to Get Your Dog to Listen to You

Now that you have some tips on how to get your dog to listen to you, you’re more sure to make your canine companion into your best friend.

If you want more information on dog training, check out our blog for more tips and tricks. We’re here to help make your pupster an obedient and trustworthy member of your family.

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