Top 10 Most Loyal Dogs in the World

Dogs are charming little fur-balls, so it's easy to fall in love with them. They are naturally sweet and doting, but the subject of loyalty is a totally different topic. Some dogs seem to adore all humans, regardless of who feed them, bathe them, or cuddle them at night. Others, on the other hand, can win loyalty awards for being steadfast and faithful to their pet parents.

The Most Loyal Dog Breeds

If you are a certified dog lover, you have probably heard of Hachiko. Hachiko is the dog who patiently waited 9 years for his master at a train station. Hachiko’s master died only after a year of taking care of him. Imagine that. They have been together for only a year, but the dog cherished their time and waited for his master for almost a decade until his own last breath.

Now, I do not want to bum you out there, I just want to establish the concept of loyalty and fidelity. But, there is probably no need to, you probably know how loyalty feels like, especially if your dog’s breed is included in the list below.

1. The Akita

Akita puppy with eyes closed

Fun fact: The first-ever Akita in the US was from Japan. The dog was a gift to Helen Keller. Akita's fall under the working breed category. They are considered as highly devoted to their families. Hachiko surely strengthened that theory. These dogs are easy to take care of, and they shower their pet owners with respect. They are incredibly cute, too. Akita puppies look more like bears than dogs.

2. Beagle Pups

The loyal beagle puppy

Another representative from the working group category, beagles are energetic. Beaming energy is a reason why families love adopting beagles. They make good companions. Beagles were originally bred for hunting purposes, so they are akin to live in packs. These dogs enjoy sharing their lives with other dogs and people.  These dogs crave companionship, so you can bet they will remain truehearted all their lives.

3. Boxer Dogs

Boxer dog on guard

Guard dogs, more often than not, are loyal dog breeds. These playful tykes are fun-loving and are perfect companions for active individuals. Boxers are patient and know how to get along with kids. This breed has received ill-connotation regarding aggressiveness due in part to their dog-fighting history. However, owners of boxers beg to differ. These dogs obviously know how it is to be gentle, especially with kids.

4. St. Bernard Dogs

Saint Bernard laying in the grass

I am pretty sure you have heard of the St. Bernard who rescued travelers stuck in the Swiss Alps.  So, you can bet your St. Bernard will not let you down. They are colossal cuddle bears and are always patient, caring, and sweet. In fact, if you have one right at home, you can ditch your nanny. These dogs will take care of your children. 

5. The Loyal Chihuahuas 

These small dogs will stay with you forever. Despite being toy dogs, they can live for a long time. Active and quick-witted, training these pups will not be difficult. Chihuahuas are the tiniest dogs, but they sure have big characters, and their loyalty to their owners shine through. Expect a chihuahua to act fiercely when other people are near because he only wants to protect his boss.

6. The German Shepherd

The every loyal German Shepherd dog

A list of loyal dogs will not be complete without German Shepherds. After all, the first dog hero turned movie star is Rin Tin Tin, a German shepherd that was found in a battle zone during World War I. The German Shepherd is incredibly wise and virtuous. They enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle, so you must roll with them. Just give them supplements and take them for a run to make them happy. German Shepherds love their roles as police dogs, but they also love being a family pet. Families with small children adore dogs of any kind.

7. The Fierce Yorkie

Yorkie dog

Would you believe that these little cuties used to catch rats in Yorkshire, England? Eventually, though, they became rich people’s companions during the Victorian era. This only other small dog on the list, like Chihuahuas, also boasts of big personality. These naturally curious tiny pups are always eager and ready to quench their thirst for adventure. Aside from being active, these dogs are endearing. Although they can be too playful for their owners’ liking, Yorkshire terriers are only after their pet parents’ attention. They do not appreciate being away from their masters for too long, but that does not mean they will sulk and get depressed. These dogs are highly sociable and can get along with other humans or animals, but no worries, their hearts will remain totally yours.

8. Golden Retriever Dog Breed

Loyal Golden Retriever giving high-five

These dogs are a delight to hang out with. They will volunteer to become your best friend at first sight. Golden Retrievers are smart, sensitive, and sympathetic. These make them ideal dogs of people suffering from PTSD or anxiety issues. These dogs understand emotions and know how to react accordingly. The best part is that they have good humor and joyous personalities that can lift spirits up. Plus, cuddling with a cute golden retriever is similar to cuddling with a giant ball of fluff. Who would not enjoy that?

9. Dobermann Pinscher Pups

Dobermann Pinscher puppy

Doberman Pinscher's have sharp features, and because of all the stigma associated with them, most parents refrain from choosing Dobermann's as household pets. The truth is Dobermanns are friendly and intelligent. This is the reason why they make good police and military dogs. They are very loyal and are great dogs to enjoy an adventure with.

10. The Loyal Border Collie

Black and white Border Collie

Border collies are dependable. You can bet they will always check in on you to know that you are safe. Additionally, these dogs are smart enough to recognize when help is necessary. Remember Lassie from the movie? She is a good rescue dog, is she not? This is because collies think ahead and anticipate what their owners will need. Despite being friendly, collies are very wary of strangers.

Final Thoughts

Remember that our canine friends have different temperaments, so there is no need to be sad if your dog is not on the list of the most loyal dog breeds. Their upbringing, environment, personal character, and your relationship with them are important determining factors of their loyalty.

About the Author: Charles is a certified pet-lover who writes for He, together with his wife, enjoys doing volunteer work in various animal shelters in his city.

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