Best Pet Apps for iPhones and iPads in 2022

Being a pet parent is worthwhile. The special bond you create with your fur baby is a magical relationship you cannot simply find anywhere.

It’s not a stretch, either, to say there is a tangible connection between pet ownership and smartphones, as multiple apps can help pet owners make life with their furry babies even more enjoyable.

Integrate pet care and technology by using the following apps from this list. Compatible with your iPhone or iPad, these apps aim to address even the most challenging aspects of pet ownership.

Nine Great Pet Apps for iPhones & iPads

1. Chewy Pet Supplies App

Screenshot of the Chewy pet supply app

Buy everything your furry friend needs without leaving your home:

Your animal companion brings you joy, but they also cost more than a pretty penny. The annual cost of maintaining a dog can range from $380 to $1,170, while cats are somewhat less expensive with a $430-$870 range.

While you’re more than willing to go out of your way to buy whatever your babies need, there will be times that you can’t leave your home due to work and chores. Chewy is your best bet if you’re running low on pet supplies.

This app carries a wide variety of pet foods, toys, medicines, equipment, and other necessary goods at fair prices. Your order on Chewy will be sent out for delivery immediately! So you’ll never have to worry about running low on stock ever again!

2. Puppr Dog Training App

Transform your dog with the help of a celebrity dog trainer:

Bonding with your pup means more than just giving them food and a roof over their heads. Training is an essential part of pet ownership, especially critical for dogs. Proper dog training can keep both of you safe and happy.

While going to a dog training school can teach you all the necessary tricks you need to rear your pet, getting an app like Puppr can help train your pet to be the perfect little dog! This app has classes that can help you train your dogs in the comfort of your own home.

Moreover, a celebrity in the dog training world is present on Puppr. America’s Got Talent alum Sara Carson uploaded over 70 lessons in the app to help your buddy become the best behaved of dogs.

3. Sniffspot Dog Park Finder

Find the perfect spot to let your pets stretch their legs:

City living works for selected breeds of small dogs and cats, but larger canines may find cramped spaces and a hectic pace quite uncomfortable. If your pup or feline companion needs a safe space to run their hearts out, Sniffspot can help you find that spot!

Use this app to find private parks and spaces that will let your pet run around without the fear of getting lost or hit by an oncoming vehicle. Sniffspot gives you all the necessary information, including the best days to visit the location.

You can also list your property if you want all the pets in your city to work their bodies in a safe and controlled environment.

4. DogVacay Sitter App

Screenshot of the DogVacay Promise

Leave your baby in safe hands and vacation worry-free:

There will be instances where you need to get a quick getaway with your family and friends. However, pets shouldn’t just be left alone in your home. Getting a dog sitter should take care of your baby, but finding a trusted sitter can be challenging.

Thankfully, DogVacay simplifies the tedious sitter search with just a few taps. Some describe the app as an Airbnb for dogs since they will match you with a terrific sitter with experience with the kind of dog you have.

This app is perfect for households that often travel and leave their pets behind. Hiring a pet sitter ensures that they will be cared for while no one in the family is with them.

5. BarkHappy Dog-Friendly Fun Places & Friends Finder App

Find furry friends for your baby:

Did you move to a new city with your beloved pupster and don’t know people who share the same interests as yours? Do you think your pet should meet other animals so they can socialize? Well, BarkHappy addresses these dilemmas and a whole lot more.

This app will let you connect with nearby dogs and build a beautiful friendship with them. You can also find and host dog-friendly events to meet as many dog lovers in your city as possible. You can even use BarkHappy to find dog-friendly places where you live!

6. Pet First Aid Training

Know how to take care of your babies in a medical emergency:

Most first-time pet owners opt for puppies and kittens, but senior pets equally deserve love and attention. Their laidback attitude is only one of the reasons you should adopt them, not to mention they can give you as much love as a young pet.

If you decide to take care of a senior pet, you need to prepare for any medical emergency. Downloading Pet First Aid on your iPhone or iPad will equip you with the proper knowledge to keep your pet healthy during emergencies.

Provided by the American Red Cross, the app has videos, quizzes, and guides to emergency veterinary techniques that can save your pet’s life.

7. PetRescuers by HomeAgain

PetRescuers by Home Again screenshot of benefits

Help missing pets reunite with their families:

One of the most painful experiences you can have as a pet owner is losing your beloved companion. Whether they escaped your home or someone stole your pet, nobody with a companion as precious as a pet will want to worry about where their baby is.

If you want to reunite owners with their missing pets, you can sign up to become one of the PetRescuers. This initiative is from HomeAgain intends to help pet parents find their pets as quickly as possible. This app lets you make a real difference in the pet community.

PetRescuers will get Lost Pet Alerts, so they know who to look out for when they’re out and about. The app also allows you to contact HomeAgain if you find one of these missing animals.

8. Dog Scanner Identification App

Find out what that cute pup’s breed is:

Have you ever wondered about what breed that cute doggie you met at the park the other day was? Since there are many dog breeds, it’s impossible to know them all by heart. Get Dog Scanner to quickly understand what kind of canine you’re currently looking at!

This app will process the picture you took of that cute dog and compare it with its deep database to identify its breed in seconds! It can also figure out if it’s a mixed breed or not. Take a picture of yourself and your friends to see which breed you resemble the most!

9. Bark Camera Photo App

Get the perfect dog photo with this app:

We all want to show the world how precious our babies are. However, every dog owner understands just how difficult it can be to take a nice photo of your wiggly pup. Since they have the attention span of an adorable toddler, it can be tough to make them look at a camera for the perfect snap.

If you’re pulling your hair out as to how you can get them to look, Bark Camera is the perfect app to install on your iPhone! This app will play one of its 15 sound bites to get your dog’s attention. You can then use the app to add stickers and filters to make your pooch photo Instagram-worthy!

Enjoy a Fun Life with Your Pet!

These apps are only some of the best iPhone and iPad apps that techy pet owners can install to make your pet’s life a little easier. Of course, depending on these apps to solely sustain your furry friend can only get you so far. Regular feedings, trips to the vet, vaccinations, spaying, and neutering, and regular exercise are still necessary to keep your pet healthy and happy.

However, it’s great to know that you can use technology to make a difference in how you approach pet care. These pet apps for iPhones and iPads will help you focus on what’s important: giving your pets the best life possible. 

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