Skinny Dipping With Your Dog In Some Backcountry Water Hole

Yep, it's mid summer and you've got a definite plan for your Saturday. You're going to beat the heat and mow your grass extra early! You think you won't even break a sweat.... but whoa, are you wrong! That blistering July sun has you sweating like a pig smelling bacon!

OMG, what are you gonna do to cool off?!? You're so hot and so sticky with sweat, it doesn't seem like a shower is going to be enough. Suddenly, an ingenious idea pops into your head! You round up the pooch and head off to your favorite back-country water hole for some good ol' fashioned skinny dipping!

Your grandpa used to tell you stories about the freedom and exhilarating joy of skinny dipping. He'd say, "No one needed swimming pools back then!" From your grandma, you inherited your love for animals, especially dogs. So now, you tell yourself, it's time to carry on the family tradition!

As you race down the highway, you laugh at your excited mutt who insists on riding with her head sticking high out the window, like the regal mascot on a viking ship. You see her lips flapping in the wind and her fur is blowing like a flag in a strong breeze. Wow, that looks like fun!

Girl Sticking Her Head Out Of Car While Driving

You can't help but join in and you stick your head out the window too (as best you can while you're driving!). That wind feels so good on your sweaty neck. You shout, "Woo hoo! We're going skinny dipping!" This spontaneous exclamation is echoed by a vociferous bark and many happy tail wags! Your dog definitely approves!

You have to slow down to find the little bumpy dirt road that takes you to the little hidden cove you keep a big secret from all but your very best friends! There it is! You barely take time to park before you shed your shirt and pants, fling off your bra, and sling off your underpants with your foot. Yep, you're as necked as you were the day you were born. After all, your dog doesn't wear clothes, why should you!? This is the way Mother Nature intended things to be! Yep, you're psyching yourself up to do this daring deed!

Luckily, your dog makes the perfect skinny dipping partner. She isn't judgmental about your lumpy thighs or your belly roll. She doesn't mock that big hairy mole on your back or the secret tattoo you keep hidden from all but your most intimate friends! She doesn't seem amused by your nakedness.. to her it's perfectly normal.

Dog Swimming In The Swimming Hole

As you carefully test the temperature of the water with your big toe, your carefree canine lunges forward and splashes into the water at full speed, as if to say, "Come on Mom, suck it up and get in already!" Her excitement is contagious and you take the plunge from the bank, diving under the refreshing crystal clear water. You pop back up, pulling the wet hair to the back. In this instance, the trappings of society are completely gone! You feel totally liberated!

Your pooch dog paddles over to you and circles all around you as float in the freedom of this icy cold water. You look up at the sky through the filter of the trees. You suddenly feel so happy to be alive. You can feel the stress from the whole week being replaced by a feeling of rapture and contentment. Your dog being there, sharing the experience, just amplifies this amazing feeling. You reach out and give her wet head a little pet. She swims a little closer and gives you one of those, "I love you Mom" looks.

Dog Racing To Shoreline

Suddenly, you hear the snap of twigs in the nearby woods. OMG, is that a person, you wonder! If so, is this person going to be a weirdo skinny dipping gawker? Your dog senses your sudden stress, swims to shore, and lets out a deep growl and then three warning barks as if she is daring the intruder to come even one step closer. It's obvious she means business. She always has your back. She's your most loyal defender! Whoever it was never shows themselves and your vigilance dissipates and your happy feeling returns.

Then another notion strikes your fancy. Maybe while you're out on your adrenaline filled adventure, you can pick up some dinner! Go ahead you tell yourself... dive for crawdads and moon your pooch with those untanned butt cheeks! She won't mind! She won't even giggle at you! She'll just cheer you on with happy barks from the shoreline!

Luckily, you have a bucket in the back of your car. After several joyous dives, and a few pinched fingers, you've filled it with enough crustaceans for a nice dinner. Your dog keeps poking her nose in the bucket but those little pinchers deter her from actually biting one. You laugh as you observe this. You think of a boxing match. Yes, it's your twenty five pound canine versus a one ounce crustacean and the crustacean wins.... but not for long, you muse to yourself, as your stomach starts telling you it's time to go.

Dog Drying Off After Swimming

You grab an old towel you brought along and try to pat down your dog's wet fur. She gets away from you and gives a good shake as only dogs can do! Water goes flying everywhere! So much for towels! Dogs don't need them! Can you imagine getting out of the shower and shaking off all the water like that! You have to admire what dogs can do!

Driving home, you actually begin to shiver from being wet. Your pooch instinctively snuggles up close to give you some of her body heat. How do they know to do that? Are they mind readers? Yes, I think they are! They have their own special way of offering comfort, don't they?

That night over dinner, you throw your dog some boiled craw-fish, one piece at a time. She snaps them up mid-air. Oh, the revenge! Oh, the joy. A fitting end to the day's adventure!

Skinny dipping with your dog.... it's a wonderful way to create special memories you'll treasure forever. It's a way to bond with your dog and have a happy fun time that will put you both in a great mood. Plus, she'll be there to protect you should anyone get the wrong idea! There is no better skinny dipping partner than your dog!

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