The 10 Purr-fect New Year Resolutions to Make Your Pooch Happier and Healthier

2018 has just begun, and most of us have made our New Year resolutions, but what about our furry companions? Our dogs love us unconditionally and always try to make us happy, but due to the chaos of our daily lives, we end up neglecting them at times.

So let’s start the year with these ten purr-fect resolutions for our pups and let’s vow to become better dog-parents.

1. Keep an Eye on Your Pup’s Calories

Dog Eating Measured Dog Food

Studies suggest that about 53% dogs in the US are overweight or suffer from obesity which may lead to illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes and even heart failure. The most common reason for obesity is that dog-parents don’t measure the amount of food their dog is consuming.  

This year make it a habit to monitor your dog’s calories and feed him according to the instructions on the packet.

2. Plan a Vacation with Your Pooch

Dog Getting Ready For Vacation With Owner

Our dogs also need a break from the same old dull routine. This year don’t leave your dog behind if you plan a vacation. As a large number of pet-parents prefer to travel with their pets, more airlines and hotels have begun to facilitate them. 

Do some research, find out an excellent holiday destination and have a wonderful vacation with your pooch.

3. Spend More Time with Him

Dog Spending Time With Family

Our pups wait the entire day for us to come home so they can spend time with us. At times we get distracted by other tasks or plan a dinner with our friends leaving our dogs alone. They crave for our love and attention so let’s resolve to spend more time with them.

You can take your furry companion for a walk daily or play indoor games with him; there are tons of options.

4. Find Exciting New Activities

Girl Bonding With Dog On The Beach

You need to spend one on one time with your furry companions to strengthen your bond. There are tons of fun activities designed for pets and their families to bond over. Whether you want to enroll in a yoga class or go to the beach, you can involve your pooch in all your plans. 

Resolve to dedicate a particular time of the day to your dogs and enjoy it to the fullest.

5. Prioritize Your Dog’s Health

Dog And Owner Eating Together

It is vital to monitor your dog’s health, make sure his meal is full of nutrition. If possible, cook for him yourself as nothing beats the goodness of homemade food. This way you’ll be able to provide him a balanced diet that has all the essential nutrients.

If you buy commercial dog food, then look for brands that use whole ingredients. They might be a little expensive but will be free of fillers, dyes and other harmful substances.

6. Plan for the Future

Vet And Dog Planning For The Future

As your dog grows old, his medical needs may also increase. You’ll have to take him to the vet more often, and there will be various other expenses that you may incur. God forbid if a pet emergency occurs you need to have financial support to ensure your pet gets the best care.

Consider investing in an insurance plan that covers medical emergencies and has affordable deductibles.

7. Consider Micro-chipping

Dog Getting Microchipping

Our canines are a curious creature, who knows when they might plan an adventure alone. Instead of following the conventional ways of finding your dog resolve to get your pup micro-chipped.

It will help you track your dog quickly before any tragedy occurs.

8. Get Your Pup New Chew Toys

Dog Playing With New Chew Toy

Just like our toddlers, dogs also love getting new objects to play with. Research conducted by the University of Giessen in Germany and the University of Lincoln in the UK suggest that dogs prefer novel things over old and used ones.

There are lots of cool and interactive toys available in the market that can help keep your dog entertained. So give up on the old chew toys and go shopping for your pooch!

9. Volunteer at a Dog Shelter

Canine In Dog Shelter

Dogs fill our hearts with compassion and teach us how to be selfless. Let's resolve to learn from them and give it back to the other dogs in need. There are hundreds of dogs in shelters all over the US that require love and care.

Try volunteering at a shelter or foster a homeless dog. Help the less fortunate ones as much as you can.

10. Groom Him Regularly

Pup Getting Groomed

An activity such as grooming may seem tedious to some dog-parents, but it is incredibly essential. It isn’t just about your pup’s physical appearance, but grooming is concerned with his overall health. If you are a new pet parent with no experience of grooming, then take your dog to a professional groomer regularly.

Ensure that your pup maintains a healthy coat, has perfect oral hygiene and use a good quality flea collar to protect him from ticks and fleas.

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About the Author: Jenny Perkins is an Animal Behavior Specialist and a passionate writer. She loves to write about the nutrition, health, and care of dogs. She aims at providing tips to dog owners that can help them become better pet parents. She writes for the blog Here Pup.

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