Large No-Pull Dog Harness (What You Need to Know Before Buying)

Choosing the proper dog harness is no easy task; it can take some serious sniffing to hunt down the right one for your adorable mound of fur, especially when they’re a larger breed.

Whether you’re looking to kit out your brand new, significant, and beautiful puppy or your dog just deserves a bit of an upgrade for your daily walks, a harness is going to do the trick. 

Here’s how to choose the very best large no-pull dog harness for you, your pup, and the time that the two of you love to spend together.

7 Tips for Picking a New Large No-Pull Dog Harness

Measuring dog for a harness

1. Measure Your Pupster

First, the fit! Finding the right fit for your furry friend is the number one, hands down, most important thing when you’re harness shopping. Measure your dog’s chest span and body circumference and keep those numbers with you wherever your harness hunt takes you, no ifs and or buts. 

Why? Making the wrong choice when it comes to fit could cause your dog some serious discomfort or even pain, so you want to take your time and only buy a harness that’s suited to your dog and its stature.

2. Check Harness for Adjustability 

Getting the fit perfect the first time is hard. The good news is that many harnesses have adjustable elements, giving you slightly more leeway when you're deciding between sizes. 

For larger breeds, you’re likely oscillating between L and XL. Adjustable straps and buckles will add a little forgiveness should you go too big or too small, giving you some peace of mind, particularly when you’re shopping online for your dog harnesses.

3. Extra Features?

You’ll also want to keep an eye on the extra features that you might not think of when you think “harness” but are still crucial in the long run and deserve some consideration. 

Take a look at the buckle closure and metal hardware on your potential new harness. You want to find one with a safety auto-lock closure that will stay put and is scratch-resistant, quality shining hardware that will stand the test of time. 

Nailing the more delicate details is also essential as they can be the difference between a harness that lasts the two of you for years of adventure to come or one that buckles under pulling pressure after a handful of outings.

4. Materials Matter

Material makeup matters when picking a new harness and should not be ignored. The suitable materials will contribute to the overall durability and effectiveness of your harness. Still, they will also add to your dog’s comfort level while they are rambling in the great wide outside. 

Shop for silky soft post-consumer recycled polyester for an easy clean, and comfy-to-wear harness that will stick around for a long time.

Two French bulldogs wearing sailor style harness on the beach

5. Large No Pull Big Dog Harness Style

Style does matter, too! The correct harness will amp up your adorable pup’s personality, adding to those characteristics that you love about them. 

There are so many options out there when it comes to style, and it’s a question of shopping according to your best pal’s uniquely perfect personality! 

Maybe they’re all about all things action and adventure? Then a vibrant print or an all-business camo pattern will suit them amazingly. 

Or maybe your four-legged friend likes to stop to sniff the roses and enjoys the finer things in life? Look for a delicate floral or botanical print in a pretty pastel pallet.

You’ll also never go wrong with block colors and classic graphic styles for those more minimal fur families! 

Whatever you and your pup’s style is, you’re going to find a no-pull big dog harness print and color that’s going to suit the two of you perfectly.

6. Make It a Set

Why not complete your kit with a matching collar, lead, and harness? Grabbing your walking accessories in one uniform print looks incredible whether you’re out at the park, pounding the pavement, or just chilling out in the backyard.

Your dog will feel comfortable, stylish, and ready to take on absolutely anything in their matching walking kit.

7. Choose According to Your Dogs Gait

When you’re shopping for those fantastic matching dog walking accessories, you’re going to want to keep the dog that you’re dressing in mind every step of the way.

If they’re a ferocious puller and love meeting new friends a little too enthusiastically, then a no-pull harness, short and elasticized leash, and collar will give you all the control you need to keep them in check. 

Maybe they’re relaxed, independent, and like a good long wander? If so, a harness and an adjustable or longer-length loose leash will work best for them.

Shop for your dog and their unique walking needs, and you’ll make a perfect choice.

Benefits of a Large No-Pull Dog Harness

Staffordshire Bull Terrier wearing a pink harness

There are so many benefits to upgrading to a no-pull harness! These are just some of them:


A correctly fitting Y-shaped chest plate on a harness fits like a dream for any dog size! Comfort is vital for making sure that your dog is happy and healthy while the two of you are exploring your surroundings.


You’re getting maximum power with a harness, and it’s the kind of control that is safe and comfortable for your dog. Keeping a serial puller at bay can be so tricky, and a no-pull harness takes so much of the work out of your walk.


Lastly, safety! You and your best friend will feel protected with the help of a harness. Your dog is going to be kept safe and in check for every adventure.  Further,  a dog-harness will save your arms, neck, and back from the pain when your pup pulls.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, an easy guide to finding the very best large no pull dog harness for your pupster! Follow these tips, tricks, and guidelines, and you’ll find yourself with the ideal harness in your hands in a matter of moments. Always remember to read the finer details when shopping for your dog’s accessories to give them the best, and do they deserve any less? 

Get shopping for a harness to complete your adventure accessories and make your time spent walking with your dog all the more controlled, comfortable, and downright magical.

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