Tips to Knowing You’re Working with a Responsible Dog Breeder

Deciding to welcome a dog into your home and life is an incredibly significant decision. Once the puppy enters your life, everything will change. It will offer its unconditional love and loyalty and you will make sure that it enjoys a safe and comfortable life.

But, in order to make sure that your beloved companion has a great state of health throughout its life and lives as long as possible, you need to find puppies for sale offered by a responsible dog breeder.

Why is this so important?

Dog Breeder With Her Puppies

Responsible dog breeders have a great consideration for their dogs and will not use them as profit-making machines. In most cases, such a person started a business in this domain out of passion, as a hobby dog breeder, and is not interested in abusing his or her animals for the sake of obtaining a significant income.

This type of dog breeder offers the best conditions to their dogs, get adequate training and certifications to attest their former training, and offer high-quality puppies at all times.

So, here is what you need to know to make sure that you are working with one.

Check the conditions where the dogs live and are bred

Once you find a dog breeder that appears to be reliable and responsible enough, you should always decide to visit the premises where the dogs live. Do not settle to close a deal with a dog breeder over the phone.

It is important to see if the dogs and puppies are clean, happy, and friendly with people. They should not live in cramped spaces and there should be visible signs that the breeder is taking good care of them, like food and water bowls, beds and blankets.

Also, the cleanliness of the space counts as well, as feces and other debris can represent bacterial bombs and trigger a variety of illnesses with ease. If you want to be better prepared for such a visit and know what it is worth checking on the dog breeder’s premises, take a look at these guidelines.

Such a breeder will only focus on one or a few dog breeds

Dog Breeder Caring For Her Puppies

A responsible dog breeder will only breed the dogs he or she is passionate about. Such a breeder knows that every dog breed has certain requirements and needs a proper amount of attention, and only by investing sufficient time and resources one can obtain high-quality puppies.

Important Note: When you see a significant number of dog breeds at a one single dog breeder, you need to know that this is the classic image of a puppy mill. There are people that are breeding popular dog breeds because they know that the puppies will sell with ease, not because they are passionate about all of those dog breeds.

You will not find puppies available around the year

A dog breeder that respects his dogs knows that it is not alright to have one litter of puppies after another. After giving birth to one puppy litter, the parents need to rest and catch their strengths.

So, depending on the number of adult dog pairs that are adequate for breeding, the breeder will have puppies available only in certain periods of the year.

Thus, even if you will have to wait a while for your puppy, this is definitely a sign that you are dealing with a responsible dog breeder.

Most certainly such a breeder has waiting lists for his puppies or he can make recommendations of other kennels that may have available puppies, in case you don’t want to wait. But, it is worth the wait when you know that you’ll get a perfectly healthy puppy.

A responsible dog breeder will ask YOU questions

A breeder that cares about his dogs will not easily give his puppies up to anyone. He will want to make sure that each and every puppy will find the right forever home. So, be prepared to answer to some questions, as the breeder will want to see if you are responsible and ready enough to have a dog.

He might ask you about previous experiences with dogs, if you are aware of the coming expenses, and if you are aware of what it means to care for a dog. He may also ask for your contact info, just in case he wants to check on his puppies.

And will give you all the information you need about the breed and its care

Another sign indicating toward a reliable dog breeder is his or her availability to give you all the information you need, in order to take the best care of your dog.

This includes pieces of advice about:

  • The breed’s maintenance
  • Character of the puppy
  • Potential health risks

Such a breeder will want to make sure that you have every detail you need to care for your companion in an adequate manner.

Check the puppy’s documents before deciding to take it home

A responsible dog breeder will have all the required papers for their dogs and puppies. So, checking the pedigree of your future puppy is a good way to make sure that you are dealing with a trustworthy person.

AKC Logo

What to look for when verifying such documents?

First of all, make sure that the AKC logo (pictured above), which is the American Kennel Club, is clear and visible on the papers, as mentioned here. If the breeder refuses to show you these papers or postpones the moment, you should think twice when it comes to taking a puppy from this type of dog breeder.

Also, be very wary of dog breeders that charge extra for providing this type of documents. The papers attesting a dog’s pedigree don’t come for an additional fee, so this practice is used to discourage future dog owners to ask for them.

In other words, don’t take the puppy home with the promise that the breeder will mail these papers later on, as this may not happen. If the dog breeder can’t provide documents for his or her puppies, there are high risks that you’ll get a puppy with health problems or genetic defects.

Final Thoughts

In case you don’t have time to look for a responsible dog breeder or you continue to have doubts, it is worth checking out the website of Premier Pups. This website helps people find the perfect puppy by working with responsible dog breeders only. This aspect is reflected by the 10-year guarantee certificates that accompany every puppy, giving you the peace of mind that you are getting a healthy puppy and cheerful companion for very many years to come.

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