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Top Tricks for Stopping Puppy Biting

Puppies have a habit of biting and nipping on just about anything. If you are not careful, they can grow up to become very aggressive. Besides, a puppy with a biting behavior can bite on your leather furniture, among other household items. It can also attack your toddlers as they play with the little animal. Puppies usually develop the habit when they are living with others. It is important to learn how you can stop your puppy from biting on things and on people.

Puppy Biting Owner

Techniques for bringing puppy’s biting habit to a stop

There are a number of strategies for training a puppy to stop biting. However, before we delve into these techniques, it is important you put the following fundamental rules for puppy training at the back of your mind:

  • To begin, as you train your dog against biting, you will have to combine it with socialization training.
  • Secondly, do not slap the puppy on its face since it can fear you or perceive that you are playing.
  • Always appreciate the puppy when it does something appropriate and discourage it if the pet exhibits a bad behavior.

In addition, when you are trying to train your dog not to bite, be sure not to play wrestling, tug of war or games which involve chasing. This is because such games will only encourage the puppy to do more biting,

  • Another rule, make sure you are consistent regardless of the method you plan to use for the puppy.

You should also advise any person who handles the little dog to utilize the same technique.

Your dog will not decipher what is appropriate or inappropriate behavior. It is your responsibility to train it.

Now that you know the general rules, below are some of techniques you can use to stop puppy biting:

Manage the force of the puppy’s biting

Other puppies in the brood will commence this process. You will have to do some training when the puppy arrives at your abode. This can help minimize the effect of its bite if it attacks someone with its teeth in the future.

When you let the puppy know about the magnitude of their bite, you will be in a position to reduce the frequency of the biting.

Dog Biting Chew Toy

Substitute the finger with a chew toy

How do you go about this? You can give the puppy a toy anytime it wants to bite on you. For most young dogs, this method works perfectly.

When your lovely pet picks on your fingers, give it a “no” and substitute your flesh with a chew toy. You can also make the puppy believe that it is hurting you when it bites or nips on you.

Usually, one puppy will stop biting on another if it realizes it is in pain. You can use that to your advantage. Simply produce a sound that will startle the dog and then pull away.

Use commands and hard techniques

Teach your puppy to be obedient. You will need to pick a few commands to use when you are training it. Use phrases such as “leave it.” This technique always works magic with older puppies.

If the puppy is an extreme biter, you need to teach it the hard way. Just place your thumb right under its tongue and another finger beneath its chin. Let it remain there for around ten seconds. It will feel uncomfortable and will not be in a position to bite you.

Canine Biting Gloves

Wear gloves

Putting on gloves anytime you are handling the puppy can help to stop its biting habit. To make them distasteful, apply something foul on the gloves.

With time, the dog will learn that anytime they bite you, it will not taste great. However, some puppies can outsmart the trick. They will wait until the gloves are off so that they can sink their teeth into you once again.

Wear a choke collar on the puppy’s neck

For older puppies, especially those who are beyond 6 months, you can put a choke collar on their neck. This will act as some form of correction each time they nip on you or another person. Some trainers think the method is extreme, but it works.

Other unproven methods of stopping puppies from biting include spritzing water on it and using a container filled with rocks or coins to scare the puppy.

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Retract from all forms of contact play

It is understandable if you find your puppy fun. However, you will have to mind the kind of games you play with the little dog. For instance, if you want the dog to stop biting, you will have to play with it those games which do not involve close contact, especially with your hands.

Avoid wrestling and instead play tug-of-war or fetch with the puppy. For more game ideas to play with your puppy, be sure to frequent Appreciate your small puppy when they do not bite

Treating New Puppy

If you really want your dog to learn that biting is a bad behavior, make sure you motivate. Anytime the puppy does not bite or is gentle with your hands, give it a treat. For this to be effective, ensure that the gift comes immediately after the action. This will teach it that when it behaves, a treat will come its way. Therefore, it will not bite anymore.

Puppy biting is one habit, which most puppies display from the time they are born. However, this behavior can turn up to be a dangerous one if not managed when the puppy is young. If you have a puppy, train it against biting through the above techniques. You can also benefit from the resources at Train your puppy to become a part of the family.

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