Why Are Dog Lovers So Awesome??!

When you’ve got a dog, you’ve got a friend for life. They are the ultimate roommate, the best listener, the most honest love there is. Not only are they adorable little piles of fur to love and pet, but they are also our companions for life.

If you don’t already have a dog but are considering getting one, you may wonder what’s so special about having a dog anyways, and why dog lovers (as opposed to cat lovers) are awesome… Well, besides the more than obvious reasons, let’s discuss it a bit:

A Word

Dog Spying A Cat In The Grass

Dogs are here to stay. In the kingdom of domestic animals, there’s always a silent competition between the sly cat and her opponent – the sweet dog.

Theories behind cat-dog owner preferences are many, with the two most prominent ones taking the lead: apparently, people who like to be dependent on one’s love, who get the satisfaction in pleasing others without getting much in return, i.e. remaining inferior in the eyes of their object of love – are prone to like cats.

On the other hand, those who like to give love and get that love in return, selflessly – are dog lovers. In a nutshell: if you want a friend or a partner who’ll appreciate all the love you are giving them, choose a dog owner – they’ll care for you more than you know.

Dogs Are Great for Our Health

Girl With Fluffy Companion Dog

Our little furry four-legged friends are great for companionship, and once you realize just how amazing it is to have them around, you’ll want one of your own – and that’s a guarantee!

Dogs are good for our health as they are remarkable fluffs of love who help us become better people. Dog lovers tend to be more open and sociable, more caring and empathetic, which is great if you’re planning to go and make friends.

Dogs Need Exercise, and So Do You

Girl And Dog Headed For A Swim

If you haven’t started working out before, now is the time. Not too big on exercising, you say? We get you! Still, grab your favorite furry friend and head out!

Once you see that little guy running around, you’ll instantly turn from a total slob into an active sports lover. Sure, it may take some time to adjust, but you’ll get there.

After a while, you’ll start exercising like crazy, and you’ll see what you’ve been missing all this time. Dogs are excellent exercise partners since they need plenty of it to stay healthy.

One thing to be careful about, though: dogs pick up their owner’s moods, habits, and other behavioral patterns… so, if you go back to your lazy mode, chances are – your dog will too!

Dogs Mean Loyalty

Silhouette Of Loyal Dog And Girl

Nothing says you’re a loyal person more than having a dog; as a species, dogs are the embodiment of loyalty, making their owners people who are not only loyal themselves but people who appreciate relationships based on devotion and openness.

Just as dogs will seldom forsake you, neither will dog owners. The equation is simple: show them love and they’ll show it back. However, while dogs are a bit easier to “bribe”: give them food, water, take them out regularly, provide them with the best flea treatment for dogs and pet them, humans do need more than that.

Don’t forget that the loyalty of your favorite dog owner doesn’t come easy: like everything in life, it has to be earned.

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Dog Lovers Are Fearless

Fearless Owner And Dog

Every dog owner’s worst nightmare is having their little pup run into a fight with another dog across the street. Not because they’re afraid of the consequences, but because they know the true nature of (untamed) dogs: they are relentless and they will fight for what they love and want, no matter what.

Dog lovers are the same: they will often fight for what they believe, even if the opposition is in greater numbers. While humans are way more reasonable than animals, dog owners do identify with the quality of being persistent about their goals.

Loving a dog is not a choice, it’s a privilege because those little four-legged fur bags will love you back unconditionally and tenfold. That’s why dog lovers are amazing people too: they will need a bit of attention but they will give you the world in return.

Just like their dogs, dog owners will love to socialize and make friends very easily, they won’t leave your side when you are down and they’ll protect you against anything.

Stick with dog owners when you are choosing a best friend, a lover or a business partner – these people appreciate loyalty and they know how to express it themselves.

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