The Theories and Remedies as To Why Dogs Chew Grass

My dog chews grass, sort of like a cow. My pup chews it with enjoyment whenever she encounters it, to the extent that my friends and family have begun to refer to her, jokingly, as ‘the grass whisperer.’ 

However, this is not strange, nor does it bother me. That’s because the grass does not cause any trouble for my girl. If anything, the idea of keeping me in the cold while she has a mouthful of grass is what bothers me the most. So, if you are wondering why dogs chew grass, read on!

Is Grass Chewing a Problem?

Two canines chewing grass

If your dog chews grass and does not suffer any digestion complications, it's not a problem. Since ancient times dogs have been chewing grass without any damage or complications caused to their stomachs during digestion.

However, the only time I find this as a problem is when my dog vomits from eating grass, then goes right ahead to re-ingest the vomited contents and go about her business as if nothing just happened.

Really, Why Does Your Dog Chew Grass?

To tell you the truth, nobody knows why some dogs have this behavior of chewing grass. However, people have different theories explaining why animals that fall under the carnivores’ category still ingest grass.

Theories Why Dogs Chew Grass

Pooch sitting in grassy field

1. Dogs Are Omnivores

One theory argues that dogs are not carnivores in the first place. This theory classifies dogs as omnivores, meaning they can ingest just about anything. 

Here, the theory suggests that when a dog chews grass, it tries to supplement the nutrients it gets from eating meat. This theory’s main point is that, just like human beings, dogs too need some vegetables to balance their diet.

Our Thoughts

From our end, this theory is misled and is utter nonsense. Personally (and I know most pet parents do), I feed my dog on kibble. Dry dog food has all the nutrients that a dog may need. Canines don’t have any basis for seeking nutrients from other sources such as vegetables.

However, if you are the type to feed your dog on canned meat, your dog may not be getting all the nutrients it needs, therefore, giving some substance to this theory.

Though canned meat has some nutrients, they are too soft and may cause dental diseases and indigestion, amongst other complications to your dog.

2. The Grass is a Source of Natural Emetic Theory

According to this theory, when a dog is nauseated, it does not have “the finger down the throat” option to help its vomit. In that case, it resolves to eat vegetables such as grass to achieve the same purpose as humans.

Our Thoughts

While it is true that after taking grass, the dog is likely to vomit, We do not agree with this theory either. Naturally, dogs can vomit by themselves, and therefore we don't see why they will resort to eating grass to achieve that. If anything, we've witnessed several dogs eat grass without necessarily having to vomit the entire contents of their bowels.

Don't Worry If Your Dog Is Chewing Grass

There Will Be No Harm Caused

The most that can happen is the grass will irritate your pup’s stomach lining. However, your dog is perfectly capable of dealing with this problem on her own. If anything, the chances of your dog suffering from this complication are low.

It’s a Lifelong Habit of Dogs

Dogs have been eating grass from ancient times. If yours decides to start the practice, leave it. It will do away with the behavior as time passes.

However, all you need to do is keep an eye on your pup, especially in places such as recently treated lawns and anywhere else with nasties such as pesticides and rat poisons.

Pro Tip: You should clear up recently mowed grass as these may contain traces of petrol that may be harmful to your dog. However, only food-obsessed dogs will eat grass with gasoline anyway. The rest will keep away from it.

But, I’m Still Stressed My Dog Is Chewing Grass

While it is true that there is nothing much that you can do to prevent your dog from chewing grass if it decides to, there are some basic things that you can do and pray that she quits the habit. 

Dog eating out of white bowl

Varying Your Pup’s Diet

Dogs are creatures known to have a routine and do not need a wide variety of food supplements to make them interested in taking food and quitting grass. 

However, as aforementioned, one of the theories suggests that dogs eat grass to supplement their nutrients. If that’s the case, you can try varying your pup’s diet and hope that the idea works.

One of the ways to achieve this is by introducing vegetables into your dogs’ food. My dog enjoys:

  • Tomatoes
  • Carrots
  • Apples

However, you should avoid vegetables such as onions, grapes, and raisins as they are toxic to dogs.

Supervise Your Dog When Around Grass

This is an option, especially for off-lead walks. You have to keep an eagle eye on your pup, or else she will find her way to the granary and do the “unwanted.”

According to experts, there is nothing to worry about, and there are no significant reasons why dogs chew grass. If anything, your dog is chewing grass because she enjoys it, nothing more sinister. 

On the other hand, you can make this a hobby. When out there taking a walk, you can enjoy the sight of your dog eating a mouthful of grass and tease her with it for an altogether fun game. Remember, it’s never that serious.

Final Thoughts

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It’s a complete, detailed manual for the intelligent and responsible owner and covers everything from obedience training through to preventing and handling a large variety of common problem behaviors. Well worth checking out!

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