Why Is My Dog Shaking? Read On

It can be a scary sight. Out of the blue, your dog starts trembling or shivering. Thoughts immediately start to run through your head like…

“Why is my dog shaking?”
“Are these symptoms to something worse?
“What if they don’t stop?”
“What do I do? Do I take them to the vet?”

As a dog owner, any time you witness your dog trembling or shaking, the worst pops into your head.

Now, before you start to get TOO worried, there are some common reasons why your dog may be shivering. Here’s a look at some of them:

Shaking Out of Fear

Canine Shaking From Fear

Yes, as tough as your dog may seem, they do get scared just like the rest of us.

Loud noises, sirens, fireworks or even people can cause them to become afraid. The next time you ask yourself – “Why is my dog shaking?”

Be sure to think about WHAT happened right before.

  • Was someone setting off fireworks in the neighborhood?
  • Did a new person recently visit your home?
  • Was there an emergency vehicle with a siren that passed by earlier?

Answering these questions may contain clues to your dog shaking.

Joy or Excitement Shaking

Happy dog shaking

On the other side of fear is joy or excitement. If you have been gone for a long time on a trip or away from home, then you may find that your dog is TOO excited.

Just how excited?

Well, SO excited that they can’t stop trembling and shivering.

Think about what may be going on around your dog – has a family member been gone and returned home? Is there some reason WHY your dog may be overly excited?

This is possibly the easiest reason to deal with when it comes to your dog shaking.

Shaking Due to Weather

Dog Under The Weather Shaking

Dogs get cold too.

If the weather has been colder than normal, or perhaps if you have been running the air conditioning in your home colder than normal, and your dog has been indoors, then you may have found your answer.

What does it mean when your dog shakes?

Well, it just may mean you need to get them a blanket or turn the air conditioner up a little warmer.

Shaking Due to Age

Older Dog Shaking

As everyone ages, they are not as steady as they once were. Even older adults have a tendency to shake and tremble at times.

If you have a dog that is getting older in years, then you just may find that the trembling and shaking is due to an increase in age.

Take this into consideration and ask your vet about it the next time you take your dog in for a checkup.

Dog Wrapped In Blanket Shaking

More Serious Conditions

Why is my dog shaking and what does it mean? Well, if you have ruled out some of the things above and can’t seem to find any other explanations, then the trembling and shaking may be warning signs of some other conditions.

We won’t go over in great detail what these serious conditions may be, but you may be best advised to head on over to your vet to have a closer look.

If you have been asking yourself – “What does it mean when your dog is shaking?” Then we hope that this helped to answer some of your questions.

Pay attention to what is going on around your dog to see if you can find any clues, and if you can’t then consult a professional.

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