Why Labradors Make Great Service Dogs

Labradors are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They are famous for their gentleness, intelligence, and friendly demeanor. Because of their obedient and kind nature, these dogs have not only made the best companions and helpers, but they are often used as service dogs for a variety of tasks.

Though there are various dog breeds which can be used as service dogs, Labradors have an edge over other breeds due to their trainability and intelligence.

Let's look at some of the reasons why Labradors make great service dogs:

Man With Labrador Guide Dog

They are highly intelligent

Due to their high intelligence as a breed, people in need can benefit from the services of Labradors in different fields. They are well known as ideal guide dogs for the handicapped or the blind. When trained properly, they can also make great guard dogs.

They can hear something as faint as a pin drop from a distance. They have an exceptional sniffing ability. Their services are also famous in recovering bodies after a natural disaster, finding a missing person and for detecting various drugs and explosives.

Two Lab Puppies Playing With A Shoe

They are full of energy

Labradors are often smarter and have more energy than the average dog. What this means is that they should be given sufficient amounts of training and exercise so that they can be handy, especially as younger dogs.

A walk in the morning and evening is a good idea for Labradors of any age. They are social and pack oriented dogs so these walks can have tremendous benefits to keeping order around your home and also give both of you some much needed exercise.

Girl Training Here Labrador Dog

They are easy to train

Every dog needs training if it is to become a member of the family. Certain dog breeds are hard to train, but Labradors require less energy and effort to train than most. They are quick learners and quite intelligent. Therefore, proper and complete training requires less time and if you are hiring a dog trainer, it will require less money.

Even first time dog owners find it easy to train a Labrador. Known for being very food-driven dogs, you will find out how well behaved your Lab can be when you have a tasty treat in your hand. There are online courses and books available that can aid with lessons, hand signals, and specific strategies for training your dog.

Labrador Retriever With Bunny Ears

They have a wonderful temperament

Labradors are handy, friendly and well-balanced dogs, adaptable to a wide variety of functions as well as making good pets. Labs are not overly prone to being pine, hypersensitive, insecure or aggressive. They have a great reputation for being an even-tempered breed and an excellent family dog.

Girl With A Very Happy Labrador Retriever

Always eager to please

A Labrador does very well with receiving treats as a reward for good behavior. Labs also are very skillful in understanding verbal commands and hand signals. They can easily pick up on your tone of voice as well.

Their constant desire to please you makes them a reliable worker no matter what task they are performing. When properly trained, Labs will not complain about doing a chore you ask of them.

Dog Face Labrador

Labradors are loving dogs

If you look into the eyes of a Lab you will see that it looks at you with pure love. When he sits close to you and looks at you, you can tell that he is thinking about how much he loves you.

When they are tired, hurt, or scared and you're there with them, you'll see how thankful they are to have you nearby. They are also very happy to see their owner when you come home.

Labrador Retriever Looking At Camera Full Of Personality

They have a wonderful personality

Labradors are lovable, happy, loyal and friendly to all they meet. They are also the number one dog breed registered. They are playful and will always run to the door to meet you. Lab's love swimming, running, hiking and can make the best choice for first-time dog owners.

Boy With Labrador Retriever

Labs are great with kids

Do you want to tire your kids out? Then you should get them a toy that never tires, a Labrador. Kids love labs and labs love kids. A Labrador can allow itself to be poked, prodded and hugged, and still give a lot more love back. They are always ready to chase you around for hours and still want more.

Final Thoughts

Labradors are the perfect mix of positive qualities that anyone could want from a service dog. Their outgoing and gentle nature goes hand in hand with the eagerness to please their owners. They take pleasure in attracting attention and love being around people.

Labradors are also incredibly alert and intelligent which makes them easy to train. With positive reinforcement and a simple training method, a Labrador can be the service dog you have always been looking for!‚Äč

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